Toy Review: Wicked Cool Toys “World of Halo” Warthog

The term “World of Halo” (WoH) used in the title refers to all figures in that series being in scale with one another.

Technical Specifications:
• Fits up to three standard human WoH figures (Driver, Passenger, Gunner)
• Wheels spin
• Machine Gun rotates in place
• Slight swivel joint to Machine Gun
Accessories: X4 Gas Cans, Machine Gun Turret, Machine Gun Ammo Belt, Antenna

Master Chief:
• Ball Joint Head
• Ball Joint Shoulders
• Ball Joint Elbows
• Ball Joint Wrists
• Swivel Jointed Chest
• Ball Joint hips
• Double Jointed Knees
• Double Jointed Joint Ankles
Accessories: Assault Rifle
Additional Contents: N/A

Cost: $30 (US)
Availability: Mass Retail (I got mine from Target)

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

The packaging is a pretty standard rectangular box. The front shows the warthog in a cool action sequence. It also has a small window that shows the included Master Chief figure.

Here is a close-up of the Master Chief fig through the window.

Once you open the box, you’ll find that Chief is affixed to a yellow-orange card via a small plastic tray. Also in the tray is an assault rifle.

A large cardboard insert holds the wheels (at top), body (middle), machine gun turret (right). There is also a small bag of parts hidden within. So be sure you get that out before tossing away the cardboard.

Here are all the parts included in the box.

One close-up of the dashboard. Lots of detail in the sculpt here.

I’m really impressed with the shocks here. Given that one might not see this area so much, WCT really put in the extra effort to make an accurate sculpt.

Here’s a full view of the underside of the warthog. Once again, so much detail that often goes overlook or not included with many other manufacturers. Kudos to WCT for attention to detail!

There are four gas cans included with the Warthog. Three of them look like the one in the inset pic. That hole on the side, allows them to attach on the black angled holder.

The fourth can, seen below right, has two holes that attach to the side of the black angled holder. As you can also see, there is an ammo belt for the turret, and an antennae.

The cans are in place. They hold on quite sturdily.

On the left, you can see where the whole is for the antennae and to the right, it’s been installed.

The rear section of the Warthog is about the only part that is lesser detailed. But that makes sense since the turret affixes here.

The ammo belt attaches to the turret via two thick slots and pins.

Here the turret has been inserted into the rear hole. Now, here there may be a deviation. My turret wouldn’t swivel downward and was mostly pointing up.

The Warthog has been fully assembled. It looks GREAT! I think the only thing it needs is a little bit of weathering or at least a black wash to help bring out more of the details.

Orthogonal views of the Warthog. Lots of great sculpting. Note the myriad of silver paint wash to denote paint chipping all throughout the Warthog. (You might want to click on the pic to make bigger to see that folks.)

Okay, let’s move on to the figure!

First let’s take a look at the accessory. Master Chief comes with an Assault Rifle. This one is fairly nondescript, having only grey and black paint. But even in it’s simplicity it looks good.

Just look at this pose will ya?! I’m really impressed with the range of motion these World of Halo figures have.

Orthogonal views of Master Chief. Note the black mark on the chest. Not sure if that’s a blast mark or what. There is a slight silver wash over some of the armor bits. There’s also a “muddy” wash all over the figure. Between all that, this figure has a really good “battle worn” look to it. Be sure to click open this pic to make bigger to see all the detail I’m describing.

The hole on the back can hold most WoH weapons. (Check for a pin on the weapons)

For a smaller figure scale, this fig has an amazing array of articulation! At the cost of just $10, it really is impressive how much range of motion the figure has.

Chief can easily fit into the driver’s seat. He does sit a little high in the seat, but that makes sense , since the Warthog is made for normal sized humans and Chief is a lot taller than normal. As you can see, he can indeed hold the steering wheel with BOTH hands!

And finally, I added in some Marines I got, from the World Of Halo line as well, to fully fit out the Warthog.

Evaluation I’ll score the Warthog first, then Master Chief.

Sculpt: The sculpt is fantastic overall. So much detail. I’m impressed by it, given the retail price of the Warthog. 9 of 10 medals!
Articulation: As this isn’t a figure, it doesn’t have articulation per say. However, Let’s consider areas that do move on the Warthog. The wheels spin fully. The turret can rotate around. Now again, my Machine gun won’t swivel down. I’m not sure if that’s an anomaly or how it’s supposed to be. So let’s say it should be able to swivel. In this case, at least with mine, it’s little lacking there. 8 out of 10 medals
Paint Application: There is a fair amount of silver wash, some good decal placement and some painted black parts. There are also various colors of plastic used for parts throughout, which help to give the illusion of paint application. For the baseline Warthog, I think WCT did a good job here. The only thing I think it needs is some more weathering. A black wash would have helped to bring out the details a lot more. I’m curious if we’ll see this rereleased, but with a vehicle skin? That would be awesome! 9 of 10 medals.
Accessories: FOUR Gas cans, Antennae, and a machine gun turret w/ammo belt round out the accessories for the Warthog and all are sculpted well and fit nicely. My only concern is for the swivel joint at the front of the gun. 9 out of 10 medals
Playability: This is a fun vehicle. There is a nice amount of clearance between the ground and undercarriage, so the Warthog rolls well. Room for three human sized figures allows for a lot of fun. Were I still a kid, this would be an awesome toy to play with over and over again. 9 of 10 medals.
Warthog Overall: 44 medals out of a total 50 medals.

Master Chief:
Sculpt: Well done. I really like the detail WCT has put into s smaller figure scale! 10 of 10 medals!
Articulation: This figure has plenty of articulation that will be considered standard with WCT Halo humanoid figures. Most of the figure joints are hidden. That’s a very good thing to me. 10 out of 10 medals
Paint Application: This figure has a lot of great accent paint application to it. Silver wash for the armor, black blast marks, muddied armor. 10 of 10 medals.
Accessories: With just a simple Assault Rifle, I think I’d liked to have see an additional accessory. Even something as small as a frag grenade or pistol. 8 out of 10 medals
Playability: The figure is just so well done. Lots of articulation, a great sculpt and paint applications round this all out to make for a fantastic smaller scaled Master Chief action figure. 9 of 10 medals.
Figure Overall: 47 medals out of a total 50 medals.

The complete Warthog set with figure over all I’d place at 46 of 50 medals.

The Warthog is easily a $25 vehicle.
Master Chief is worth the normal $10 retail value (of figures in the World of Halo scale) for sure.
Total: $35

Given that the set costs $30 at retail, I feel you get a VERY good value here. You’re paying LESS that what it’s really worth. I’d have been fine with the set costing $40 and still feel it held that value.

Do I recommend this product? MOST definitely! For a traditional action figure scale vehicle, this is well done. I only wish it were a little more weathering and that the gun swiveled up and down. Other than that, STELLAR set!

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