Late night Podcast and Halo 5 reveal! (Spoilers Inside)

I did a Podcast with Podtacular last night that last more than 3 1/2 hours (on air, then another hour after). Finished this about 3:30 am EST… I’ll have the link to that Podcast when Dust from Podtacular gets it up on the net.

What I’m about to say may spoil you Halo 5 experience. So if you don’t want to know anything about Halo 5 stop reading this particular article now….




Okay, with that out of the way, I eluded to this yesterday in an article…Mendicant Bias is the Forerunner mech/construct that is seen in the E3 trailer.

Now, how do I know this? Well, it took a bit of detective work and a little bit of luck. Immediately after watching the trailer, while having another window open for my browser, I noticed someone in my feed mention Mendicant Bias regarding the terminals form Halo 3. Immediate I knew there was something there and went to work. Looking back at the terminals, relistening to Halo: Rebirth (a audio log you can unlock by using the code that comes with Halo Silentium) I came upon the nugget of information that tells of trial of Mendicant Bias after his defeat by Offensive Bias. Mendicant Bias is kept alive by the “Iso” Didact due to his knowledge of the Flood. However, he’s buried in a desert on Installation 00 (the Ark). He is only allowed to think of “Atonement.”

That desert is the very same one we see Master Chief walking in, in the trailer. At first you might have thought the Forerunner construct was a War Sphinx. I did too…But then “re-finding” this story, it was easy to figure out that this wasn’t the case. Now maybe (for whatever reason) Mendicant is encased in a War Sphinx carcass.

Think about this for a moment. Master Chief defeats the (Ur)Didact in Halo 4. He needs a new enemy, one that is worse than the Didact. Who better than Mendicant Bias.

However, there IS the possibility that Mendicant Bias ISN’T the enemy after all. Rather, it’s very possible the (Ur)Didact, that’s the one we faced in Halo 4, survived and is planning once again for his revenge against humanity. Gaining more knowledge of Forerunner tech (as eluded to from Spartan Ops in Halo 4), we learn of the location of Mendicant Bias and as Chief we pay him a visit. This to reactivate him in order to finally destroy the UrDidact.

So he will be a powerful villain or ally. Either way, this opens up a fantastic story to be told within the campaign of Halo 5!

Want to listen to the Audio log from Silentium? Here you go! (I’ll warn you in advance that the reading can be dry and plodding at some point)

So there you have it folks, a more complete breakdown of the trailer and who we can expect to see in Halo 5.


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3 thoughts on “Late night Podcast and Halo 5 reveal! (Spoilers Inside)

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  2. A very interesting theory on the Forerunner in the reveal trailer being Mendicant Bias. I had thought that the Greater Ark was destroyed in the initial Flood attack at the end of Silentium, but after reading that part again I see that it never was made clear that it was destroyed.

    Also, from the Halo 3 terminals and from Contact: Harvest, it seemed that Mendicant Bias, or at least the part of him that was in the Keyship in High Charity, had reached Metastability. Do you think that the two components are totally separated, especially with the loss of the Domain?

    As for the Chief, I know there was speculation that he is not wearing his armor (or that it is incomplete) under the Jedi robe, but from the way the robe lays when blown back by the wind from Mendicant Bias, it seems that there is some type of armor beneath there.

    In any event, I get a vibe from the trailer much like the one I got from the Halo 3 E3 one. I now have hope that Halo 5 will return to a more ‘Halo’ feel. How much it does will determine how successful the game, and 343i, will be.

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