My guest spot on Podcast Evolved.

The following ‘vid’ is audio only, though it contains the full 1:30 minute of the cast.

Lots of fun and interrupting ensued!
I’ll have the download link shortly if you want to listen to it later.


I made a guest appearance on Podcast HD.


Last night, 5/20/14, I made a guest appearance on a new podcast called Podcast HD. This is for the site Their site is about Halo and Destiny. I was asked to join them in discussions about “The Master Chief Collection” as well as Halo 5 Guardians, with theories abounding.

Take a listen.


or download here:

It was nice to sit back and hear others as excited about Halo as I am, without me having to direct the podcast.

Thanks to “Fantastic Jackie” for the invite to join them for the cast.


Podtacular 379: Emmy Nominated (I was a guest host for this cast)

In this episode, Dustin, Brent and I (guest hosting) talk about this past week’s Halo Bulletin, the recently announced Emmy nominations for “Forward Unto Dawn,” RTX/500K tournament and Don Mattrick’s (former head of XBOX) move to Zynga.


This clocks in right around 1 hour. It’s the shortest podcast I’ve done with the guys at Podtacular. Give it a listen. As always I come with passion when talking about the subject matter. In this episode, the most passion invoked by me was the part about Mattrick.