Has IGN let the cat out of the bag??? Master Chief collection real?

If you hop on over to IGN.com, you’ll see that they’ve listed the games for E3 2014. In that list are Halo 5 Guardians (pre-order) and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, both for XBOX One.

Here’s a clipped part of their table of games:

IGN Halo game list

So is this for real or are they also speculating?

I for one this is real. If so, I really hope 343 spills the beans on what all is included with the HMCC. (Halo Master Chief Collection)




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4 thoughts on “Has IGN let the cat out of the bag??? Master Chief collection real?

  1. If this is real, and it includes what I think(Halo 1-4, possibly 5) and they’re all ported for the one, I just might be able to die a happy happy person :’D

    • Well, don’t die too early young sir. There’s still LOTS more Halo to come in the years (providing 343 doesn’t mess it up).

  2. I like the idea, but I personally think its a waste of time tbh, I mean I only want Halo 2 Anniversary, remaking all the previous titles including chief and porting them onto Xbox One I Think is just really going for money. I can understand that, more funds for 343 to put towards Halo 5 and the 2 digital features, but, with the way the previous Halo games have been made, this is just not right for them. I could except Halo 4, as personally that should have been a next gen & current gen game. You can clearly tell they were making it for the Xbone, just because Microsoft rushed it to gain funds to finish the One it became the game we knew in 2013.

  3. This would be awesome. I would be getting an Xbox One ASAP.

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