What NEW and/or old vehicles would you like to see in Halo 5 Guardians?

I’ve likely asked this question before here. However, with E3 right around the corner, I figured I’d raise the question again.

So let’s consider what vehicles already exist in the Halo cannon that might be possible for Campign/Multiplayer (NOT huge ships mind you, just troop transports and smaller):

First up the Covenant craft:
Ghost (you can be this will be back)
Banshee (same here)
Wraith (yep)
Spectre Hmm, might be nice to see this one come back.
Prowler Unlikely as 343 has gone away from Brutes.
Chopper Read above…
Space Banshee This would be an interesting prospect. Easier in the campaign. But what if there is a special aerial assault or space assault matchmaking playlist? (BTW, I’d LOVE to see that happen)
Vampire See above
Seraph See above also
Shadow This Covie troop transport vehicle is very unlikely. If it were to show up, I’d imagine it to be in the campaign only.
Phantom Again, I think campaign might be possible. I’d love to have this in customs though.
Scarab Campaign? As something in a custom map? Maybe a stationary element on a map? One way or another, I’d love to see this back in Halo.
Locust Essentially a smaller version of the Scarab. Hmm, this might be fun in matchmaking, or at least in customs.
Revenant I really liked this vehicle. It would be a shame if it was only ever used in Reach.
Anti-Air Wraith Campaign sure. I do not think it would make it to MM.

Those in mind above, would you like to see a NEW Covie vehicle?

On to the UNSC:
Mongoose Of course
Scorpion Yep
Mantis Hmm, will it make a return? I hope so. At least in customs if not anywhere else.
Warthog (Chain Gun, Rocket, Gauss) Yep to all three. The troop one however?
Elephant This was SO much fun on Sandtrap back in Halo 3. Many times I’d steal the enemy’s Elephant and bring it back to my team’s Elephant for the quick and easy win.
Hornet Another ship many of we fans would like to see back. Hopefully in MM or at least customs.
Falcon This was a fun craft to pilot. Given that chronologically in the story it’s before the hornet, I wouldn’t count on it, but still, it would be awesome to have back, IMO. Make a version that pilots can shoot with too!
Pelican Maybe in campaign again. If not pivotable in MM, then as a stationary element. Not like the damaged one on Vahalla/Ragnarok though. An upright one.
Vulture This Halo Wars craft would be extremely fun to pilot. Campaign? Maybe. MM, nope, though I’d love to have it in customs even if it too were a stationary element.
Grizzly A suped up version of the Scorpion with TWO barrels. Would be great for BTB!
Cobra A two-pronged Gauss cannon that can convert to a more powerful united gauss cannon. This too would be a great BTB vehicle.
Wolverine Man, I’d love to see this in the campaign. Not something likely to show up in MM though. Customs?
Gremlin Not really a vehicle I think we’ll likely see in Halo again, except a Halo Wars 2, if made.
Rhino This is a 6-tread super scorpion. Hells yeah, I’d like to see it in the game!
Shortsword I’d definitely like to see this as a playable vehicle somewhere in Halo.
Longsword This would be nice. Hmm, maybe as Chief’s ship in H5G?
Broadsword It was fun in Halo 4, if underused. Wouldn’t mind seeing it back, especially if there dis that space battle map I’m hopping for!
Sabre Another fun ship to pilot in. Sadly, I think it’s lost for good. So enjoy it in Reach…
Mammoth This has just GOT to be in the next game! I wouldn’t expect it to be drivable, but dang, wouldn’t it make for a great base to protect? Imagine having two of these on the map, one blue, one red bases? CTF would be awesome! So too Bomb game types.
Sparrowhawk Now this one needs to be known more in Halo. Those who played Halo Wars know this ship. It would be very fun in MM or at least customs!

Any NEW UNSC vehicle you’d like to see made?

How about some human civilian craft?
Gold civilian Warthog Why not?
• Various tractor trailers?
Forklift YES please!

Now here’s one more category that hasn’t even been touched… Forerunner. At the least, I’d like to see one ground and one aerial Forerunner ship. Mind you, these would be a little oversized for humans and even Spartans, but that could be scaled down to make fit for Spartans.

Okay folks, that’s a decent sized list. What of these would you like to see in Halo 5: Guardians?Which in Campaign? Multiplayer? Customs?

I’m of the mind that if we can’t have certain vehicles in matchmaking that we should be able to have them in customs. Man, the absolute fun that could be had with them. Not to mention LOADS of potential for fan-made vids!!!


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6 thoughts on “What NEW and/or old vehicles would you like to see in Halo 5 Guardians?

  1. I know this is no surprise, but the one vehicle I want in Halo 5 is the Booster Frame. It would be great as an atmospheric and space combat vehicle.

    • Hah, yes, how could I forget that one? And yp, no surprise from you my friend on that pick. LOL

  2. When the Prometheans were first announced, I was curious about the weaponry as well as their vehicles and how they would hit the Halo sandbox. For MM, there are basically faction weapons and faction vehicles, and I was slightly disappointed the Forerunner vehicles didn’t make the cut. I am not familiar with the Canon outside the games so I don’t know what already exists there (if any because your post didn’t really mention any Forerunner vehicles at all.) but I think it would be cool to include a land base (heavy and light) and then a third, aerial vehicle. (There should have been and aerial USNC vehicle in Halo 4 but that will more than likely be fixed based on 343’s new Multiplayer direction for Halo 5.)

  3. hmm, any driveable drop ships are a win for me. especially in MP. but it would be cool to see Forerunner vehicles. i like that

  4. If i could only pick one, it would have to be the Falcon. All those memories of trying to get off the ground and some one play laser tag with me. Having the enemy launch a rocket, pull a hard G, have the rocket fly through the opening of my Falcon ” which was so cool ! ” thinking I got a away with my crew, only to be hunted down by the same rocket I just averted 15 sec. ago. That was so fun. ( If 343 is listening, what were you thinking by not including a UNSC aerial vehicle !!!. ) I would most certainly like different varieties. 2 maybe 3. Of course all of them having the pilot control a gun. There was one Falcon in the campaign with the rocket propelled grenade guns. I would’ve liked to have seen that in MM. 343 should have entertained the idea of a HAWK. That’s probably the route they should have taken.

  5. I love all vehicles, As long as I can pilot them, whatever gamemode, I’ll be happy 🙂 I would love a new vehicle, and defo a lot of scenery vehicles and drive able vehicles for custom’s only, it’ll be so fun. Also if Halo 5 Guardians is Open World as heavily rumored, then The possibilities are endless. All we can do is keep out hopes up, especially for E3!!!

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