New Pre-order skull with the Halo Master Chief Collection…

There is a new skull in town…

ShopTo HMCC Banner

The “Bonded Pair” skull is a pre-order bonus for ‘ShopTo’ customers (a UK store). What is interesting about this listing isn’t just what the skull does, but it’s exclusivity.


When you go to the site, you should see something like the graphic below.Bonded Skull AdScroll your cursor over the skull and you’ll get this callout graphic:

Bonded Skull callout

So the effect of the skull is pretty cool. But it’s the last sentence that intrigues me more.

…exclusive until 12/12/14.

Hmm, so does that mean that all of these pre-order skulls are only exclusive for a month? Then what? Will they be unlocked for everyone? Are these skulls able to be found in the campaign without the pre-order?

Interesting questions that I suspect 343 will wait to answer. After all, they want more and more people pre-ordering and by doing so will get a skull bonus. Should 343 say those skulls are only exclusive for a month as it appears ShopTo’s ad says, well then, there isn’t a point of pre-ordering for the skulls themselves.

I’ve sent these questions above to Andy ‘Bravo’ Dudnsky (Community Manager/Halo, 343 Industries). Now we wait to see what his reply is.


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One thought on “New Pre-order skull with the Halo Master Chief Collection…

  1. Ooh a new skull. Anyways, if the pre-order skulls are exclusive for only a month and later become released to everybody else, 343 will probably just release an update so everybody has it unlocked from the start. However, this is also kind of disappointing as you said so yourself “there isn’t a point of pre-ordering for the skulls themselves.” On the other hand it is annoying to get exclusive pre-order bonuses since it is different for every retailer (what happened to Halo 4). Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if 343 makes a comment about this…

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