Why Halo is my destiny and not…Destiny.

Why Halo is my destiny and not…Destiny.

For at least a year I had been debating with myself about my involvement with Bungie’s new game, Destiny. I had to consider many things.

• Do I want to have another blog?
• Do I want to be a part of another gaming community?
• What can I bring to that community?
• Is the game really worth this much effort (again-meaning will I put as much into it as I do HFFL)?
• How do I really feel about Destiny being multi-platform and Playstation owners getting content that will NOT be available for the XBOX One?

Since E3 this year (2014), I’ve come to terms with my thoughts on Destiny and any involvement. So let me answer those questions from above.

• Do I want to have another blog?
There’s one key factor about this. I’m unemployed. So having a second blog that I’d have to pay for is out of the question. So that made the decision pretty easy. However, had I a job, would I have considered a Destiny blog? Keep reading.

• Do I want to be a part of another gaming community?
No. As I saw Destiny’s community grow, I realized that many of the ‘players’ involved were already well established Halo fans/sites. So once again, as with HFFL, I’d already be at a disadvantage, even though the game hasn’t even come out yet.

This answer may seem a little odd to you, so allow me to explain.

To be quite honest, it already frustrated me that those big Halo sites descended upon Destiny and had a built in community from Halo and/or Bungie fans. Then I realized that, while mine would be much smaller, in effect it would be the same thing. This made me realize that I didn’t want to go into another gaming community that was for the most part the same community from Halo.

• What can I bring to that community?
Since the beginning of the Destiny news I knew virtually nothing about that game. Along the way, I had to consider if I really wanted to invest the time into learning everything about Destiny before the game came out. This was one of the easiest decision. NO. I’d much rather continue my learning and passion for Halo.

• Is Destiny really worth this much effort (again-meaning will I put as much into it as I do HFFL)?
As most of you know, I’m very well steeped into Halo lore, Halo gameplay, Halo merchandise and so much more. I honestly had nothing I felt I could offer to the Destiny community and really didn’t want to invest that kind of time and commitment to it.

• How do I really feel about Destiny being multi-platform and Playstation owners getting content that will NOT be available for the XBOX One?
Okay, I know this may sound a bit selfish, but this is me being as transparent as I can be. I do not like it one bit. To me, it feels like Bungie is giving the finger to the fans who backed them for more than 10 years. Yes, I know Bungie departed Microsoft on not so good terms. So it’s more likely them giving the finger to Microsoft. However, it does have a direct impact on XBOX owners. I’m certainly not going to rush out and get a Playstation 4 for just one game/franchise, an untested one at that.
I know that the exclusives are likely meant to be a way to get Playstation owners to warm up to Bungie. Still, it wreaks of hatred toward Microsoft that also hurts the CORE of Bungie’s fans. It doesn’t seem fair and it doesn’t seem right to me. 

There was/is also one very nagging (and in this respect a good thing) feeling I had about all of this. Had I decided to get into Destiny, I would have felt like I was ‘cheating’ on Halo. I had to consider my integrity within the Halo community. Now does that mean any other Halo related site that also has or will have a Destiny site loses integrity? Well, that’s for you to decide on your own. For me, I feel it dramatically drops my interest in them. The way I look at it (and I’ll admit it’s a little bit of a narrow view), if you’re going to be a Halo fan with a Halo site, then that should be it. Pushing Halo aside for an as yet untested game just seems disrespectful to your own niche part of the Halo community. It just feels like a betrayal to Halo. If you’re a Bungie fan, then change your site to reflect that and don’t call your site a pure Halo site. Again, that’s my own opinion. I respect you all for forming your own opinions, even if they don’t agree with my own.

There are some sites that were built upon their love for Halo that have become more generic as gaming websites. So they’ll move on to Destiny without a second thought. Again, you decide what you think of that. It irks me. (Even though I outlined that very thing above) Yes, everyone has the right to change their point of view, likes, dislikes, etc. That also means that anyone who has followed their site has the right to do the same. So do you stick with those sites who seemingly change views at the drop of a new game or what’s popular? Do you follow them like sheep? Or do you stick with pure Halo sites? (Especially if that is your passion.) You folks know my answer.

Here’s an analogy on this. Think of Halo as that person you’ve been in a long-term relationship with. Over time that relationship does change, but that person is still the same person at their core, as you knew them when you first met them. In the case of Destiny, it’s as if some fans have decided to either  leave their long-term relationship for something that seems younger and better looking (again, just an example). It’s like they have switched out the relationship for Halo’s younger sibling. Maybe this is a product of me being of a generation before most Halo gamers. I don’t know. It’s hard for me to see other touted Halo fan sites promote another game, regardless that it’s from the same developer that gave us the original Halo. It just feels wrong.

While I loved Bungie’s creation in Halo, I came to realize that I didn’t just want to join in their new venture, I didn’t NEED to. That was the big one for me. I feel I’ve got a nice little corner of the Halo universe here with HFFL. Why would I muck that up with another site dedicated to another game? I just can’t do it. I absolutely LOVE the story of Master Chief, Cortana, the UNSC, Covenant, Forerunners and all the rest. 

Halo 4 had some set-backs, AND some triumphs. Unfortunately, many a Halo fan either left the franchise or decided to split much more of their time with other games. As you all know this caused a dramatic decline in the population. However, for dedicated fans, like myself, we stuck through it all. Over the last year and a half+ that Halo 4 has been out, we’ve seen many improvements to the game. That has helped restore faith in 343 for many a Halo fan.

Then the news of Halo 5 Guardians came out. I of course was excited. When the news of the Master Chief Collection hit and we found out what all it would have with it, many of us rejoiced. The funny (strange) thing is, many of the fans who left the franchise for other games were warming up to Halo again. Let me be honest about that, I’m a little put off by it. See, I’m NOT a ‘fair-weather’ fan. I don’t and didn’t bolt away from Halo to spend more time with other games. I stuck with Halo, rode out the issues Halo 4 had. I’ve done what I can to promote Halo and 343 and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Now, this isn’t to say that folks do not have the right to leave a game and come back. That’s their decision of course. The ones who do kind of piss me off though are those Halo pros, especially the ones who switched to Call of Duty. If they hadn’t have bolted from or trashed Halo from as early as Halo Reach, it’s very possible that Halo eSports wouldn’t be in the position it is now. I digress…

Many of you do not know that I’m a friend of one of Bungie’s concept artists. In conversations with him, I was made aware that if I backed their game that Bungie would have promoted my site on their site. While this was enticing, again, I had to come to terms with the idea of starting a whole new venture as well as that feeling of cheating on Halo.

I just couldn’t and CAN’T do it. Destiny may become a good or even great game. But it’s not for me. I have the strong suspicion that micro-transactions are going to be a part of this game. If so, then just consider for yourselves that with the 10-year life cycle that Bungie has said they’d support it, you’d likely spend THOUSANDS of dollar on it. That’s just the game folks, not ancillary stuff like novels, toys, etc. I had to answer for myself if I was willing to do that. Being unemployed made that a very easy decision. However, I did also look at it from the point of view if I was working. Did I really want to spend that kind of money on another game franchise? Again, that answer was simple. NO.

See, before Halo, I was a huge Star Wars collector. I’m still very much a fan of the Star Wars movies. I just decided a few years back to let go of my obsession with collecting Star Wars merchandise. This played very much into my decision with Destiny. I had already put aside my largest hobby (for more than 35 years of my life) with Star Wars. I just didn’t want to do that again with an as yet untested game franchise.

I also considered what the repercussions of playing a single game for 10 years might mean and the eventual shut down of it’s servers. It made me realize that I would be more than frustrated or down right angry, as I suspect some fans may become on that eventual day. Think about it, you put 10 years into ONE game and then it just vanishes? With Halo, we’re getting a new game every 3 years or so. While I enjoy each game, I never have to worry about feeling so attached to one specific game that I feel I lose something when the next game comes out. (This unfortunately is what I’ve seen from many a Halo 2 fan, especially of it’s multiplayer.) That’s just something I want to avoid. I enjoy each game for what it is. I can go back and play them again in some for or another. With the Master Chief Collection, that becomes MUCH easier.

I know Destiny’s story will be unfolding over time and will supposedly be driven by player interaction. That also tells me that the story isn’t so well defined now. With Halo we get a new chapter in the saga every few years. The locations are fresh and new, enemies have changed, multiplayer continues to evolved. That might be the case with Destiny too. One thing that keeps coming back to me is Destiny is untested. Do/did I want to spend money (if I had it) on a game that may flop? (That’s unlikely initially but you never know) If I waited until after it was released to see how it was doing would I want to go into the community late (as I did with Halo)? No and No. If the game becomes successful over time (not just at launch), good for Bungie and the Destiny community. I’m not going to knock Bungie for it’s game any more than it seems I have here. Same as it’s community. It’s just not my cup of tea. It’s not my bag. Wait…tea…bag…nevermind. LOL

Before I wrap this up, let me say this: I’m not hating on the individual gamer. If it reads that way, my sincere apology to you. It’s really the Halo fan sites that have been touting Destiny for months that bother the crud out of me. Especially when they say their the Halo this or the Halo that. If those sites’ owners/admin feel that greatly toward Destiny, I think it would be better/more accurate for them to change their site to reflect that or create a new site that they can dedicate to Destiny only and keep their Halo sites pure, if that’s how they are trying to convey themselves.
Throughout the article you read where I’ve said it’s fine for others to enjoy Destiny. This article really is meant to be directed towards those other Halo sites who have given Destiny well more than enough coverage on their ‘Halo’ sites.

I’m ‘all-in’ with Halo. Any other game for me will not replace or take up a large portion of my gaming heart. If Halo should ever die out, I’ll be okay with it, though sad at losing out on new adventures. I’ll simply close that chapter in my life and be thankful for my opportunity to have been a part of it’s community.  I’ll still remain a Halo Fan For Life.

Halo is my thing. It’s the one game franchise that I hold dear to me. I support 343 as the new stewards/caretakers of Halo. Halo has been, currently is and will continue to be MY destiny. On that you have my word!


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6 thoughts on “Why Halo is my destiny and not…Destiny.

  1. Great write up Sal, I agree and disagree with most of what you said. First off let me say this: I love this article, and the thought you put in to it, I think its awesome that you have stood with your opinions and feel so strongly about them. Really shows that Halo is your passion. But don’t hate others if they aren’t the same way. I think think its great that you have decided to not create another blog, and I think its okay that you have deciding not to jump on the Destiny train.
    Personally, I love both Halo and Destiny, and I see alot of Halo influences in Destiny. I support Bungie; they are easily one of my favorite game developers, for many reasons. I think Destiny will do well as a game, and I hope it will do well as a franchise. (Most if not all PS ‘Exclusives’ will only be lasting a limited amount of time.)
    I’ll continue to play Halo, and learn and explore the Halo universe, and love it. Halo has been great for me and I have confidence that it will continue to be fun, and keep me interested. Obviously you’ll continue with Halo, for life… And by me that is fine, and I totally respect your preference and opinions, and hope you do the same for those who are looking forward to Bungie’s new release.

    • It’s not the individual I’m hating on. If it reads that way, apologies. It’s really the ‘supposed’ Halo fan sites that have been touting Destiny for months that bother the crud out of me. Especially when they say their the Halo this or that. If those sites’ owners/admin feel that greatly toward Destiny, I think it would be better for them to change their site to reflect that or create a new site that they can dedicate to Destiny only. I’ve refrained from naming the few sites I mean, and I won’t name them now either.
      Throughout the article you read where I’ve said it’s fine for others to enjoy Destiny. This article really is meant to be directed towards those other Halo sites who have given Destiny well more than enough coverage on their ‘Halo’ sites.

      I guess if I had to sum it up, I’d ask those sites, where does your loyalty lie? Is it with Halo or is it with Bungie and by extension Destiny? If it’s the latter, that’s when I think they should change. For instance I feel it’s unfair for a podcast to say they are a Halo podcast when they have been promoting the hell out of Destiny. Same of blogs, websites, etc. This article is my long-winded way of saying, either stick to your guns with Halo or stop calling yourselves a Halo site when your really Halo/Destiny/Bungie.

      That would give their fans more to go from as well as any potential new fans. It comes down to truth in advertising. That’s big with me as I’ve been in Marketing and Advertising for nearly 20 years now. I abhor when a company touts it’s product to be one thing or one way, when it’s VERY clear and evident it’s not.

  2. here’s my opinion. Now Halo is the coolest game ever, but if Destiny is getting spit out of the same developer that made Halo and Made MASTER CHIEF RICH. it might be good by look out on. but not start a new blog or fill this one with stuff. You have spent years dedicated to this blog. And with all the great stuff coming out of the Developers and the fans both make it a great time to be a halo fan! So i think its best to stick around and see what Halo 5 is about before Destiny takes a stand.

    • The thing is, I’m not trying to cash in on my Halo fan site. So since I’m not a fan of Destiny, I think it would be wrong of me to start something just because it’s made by the creators of Halo and it’s the “flavor of the day” game. Might I miss an opportunity to be part of another potentially amazing community? Sure. Am I concerned about that? Nope. If Destiny does well and Halo peters out, I still won’t change my views. I think it’s pretty evident I’m a ‘stick to your guns’ kind of fan. I’m sure Destiny will be a good game. It’s just not something I’m willing to invest as much time into, as I have and will continue to do for Halo.

  3. Wow. You really are dedicated to Halo. While Halo is my personal favorite gaming franchise, I do enjoy playing a lot of other games and can’t imagine myself only playing Halo. I wasn’t with Halo from the beginning though, so I don’t really have any attachment to Bungie but Destiny does look kind of interesting and has potential to be a good game. I don’t plan on getting it anytime soon myself but I may pick it up one day just to see how it is. You said that this article was directed toward other Halo sites talking about Destiny and that you’re not going to do that and stay only Halo and that’s great! To me it seems like you’re trying to justify why you’re not talking about Destiny but nobody expects you to especially since this is a Halo blog. Just let the other websites do their own thing and keep doing yours. Keep up the good work! 😀

    • Thanks Wilson. Oh, I do play other games. It’s not often when I do and I don’t publicize it.

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