New Master Chief Bearbrick figures!

The following text is from Waypoint:

Be@rbrick Series 28 Blind Box Mini Figures

bearbrick smallMedicom is pleased to announce that Series 28 will be featuring the Master Chief under the “Hero” category as Halo’s first ever Be@rbrick character. The Be@rbrick series is notorious for having rare chase figures which are not shown on the package. I wonder if you can find ours?

Medicom Toys’ Be@rbricks figures are a collectible toy series from Japan which feature a variety of artistic themes on a standard bear-shaped figure. The Be@rbricks blind boxed series features eleven 2.75” figures with art from different categories including basic figures, artist series, and licensed brand figures with each design packed in a mystery box.

The Series 28 Be@rbricks figures are available now in Asia. They will see a North America release in September 2014. SRP $4.99


HFFL:  Up until now, I’ve never been a Be@rbrick fan. However, these new Halo Be@rbricks have me intrigued. So the next question is, which characters will we see? Cortana? Sgt. Johnson? Grunts, Brutes, Elites? The Arbiter? Agent Locke?

Be@rbrick 400% Master Chief

Think Be@rbrick but 4x larger. These oversized versions of the Be@rbrick are 11 inches tall and are sold separately. SRP $79.99.halo-bearbrick-master-chief-400-f977ef4582064cac9a82c21b658fe481

HFFL: That 4x version is pretty cool.

How do you folks feel about these? Going to get them? Not getting them? Why or why not?


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3 thoughts on “New Master Chief Bearbrick figures!

  1. This is something I’ll probably skip. Its sort of cool to see a Master Chief bear but he looks kind of fat to me (yes, I know its suppose to be like that but still). Also, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a Master Chief bear and I don’t really care for the other bears in the series. The 4x version is impressive but the price is prohibitive especially when you can get lots of other great Halo stuff with the money. Still, I might consider picking the $5 one up if I even see these bears in stores (have never heard of or seen these Be@rbrick toys before).

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