Fan-made computer rendered Covenant Cruiser

Fan-made ‘DDS’-class cruiser by @LeviwasTaken for the website Sins of the Prophets.



This design definitely has a Covenant aesthetic to it. To me, it also gives off a slight Romulan Warbird (with an elongated neck)


and Aliens Xenomorph vibe.

Alien Xenomorph

Those are both good and meant as a compliment. Both of those references are well rooted in Sci-Fi.

The design was made specifically for a RTS game that Sins of the Prophet has on their site. I’m not sure how it plays (yes of course I know how to play RTS games). So if you go there, download at your own risk.

Here is their info on that direct from the source: 

Sins of the Prophets is a total conversion mod for the RTS game Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion based on the Halo universe of Xbox fame. The mod features the human United Nations Space Command and the alien hegemony The Covenant, along with some Forerunner flair here and there. Gameplay focuses on fast paced fleet combat utilizing sophisticated tactics and long term strategy to beat your opponent or survive invasions from the parasitic Flood.

The mod is available at: for free and the game SoaSE Rebellion is available on Steam: While the DLC is not necessary, it is supported by the mod and you are missing out on interesting gameplay by not getting it.

HFFL: I’m told that they have several more designs by Levi that they’ll be showing soon. Levi is also the creator of the acclaimed Halo fan-made Fist Full of Arrows comic book. Which I highly recommend reading if you haven’t already!


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