The 12 Days of Halo Toy Reviews: Day 6 Jinx Master Chief Figure


Jinx is a relatively new licensee to Halo. Beyond the figure I’m about to review here, Jinx also has Halo t-shirts, hoodies, hats, accessories, eSports shirts, and more. Some of the items you can find on their site can also be found on the Halo Waypoint store.

Okay, let’s get on with the review, shall we?

I got this from GameStop. As you can see by the price tag, it’s $25 (US). This is the battle damaged variant. Currently, the only other character is Spartan Locke.

The figure comes with a hand holding a magnum, already attached to the figure, plus a hand holding an energy sword that you can swap out.jinx-master-chief-bd-fig-box

The side of the box shows a cool graphic of line art of the figure, while the front shows it in color.

The top of the box has this neat graphic of a close-up of Chief’s visor. I’m normally one to not be concerned too much about packaging, but this box art looks great!jinx-master-chief-bd-fig-box-top

When you open up the box to remove the figure, pay attention to the twists on the back part of the plastic tray. They are easy to remove, so no worries.jinx-master-chief-bd-fig-ties

Views of the figure from different sides. I do suggest you open this pic in another window so you can see more of the detail close up. jinx-master-chief-bd-fig-ortho

There is limited articualtion to this figure. It’s not meant to be an action figure per say. More something to display. It does however have some articulation to it. The head turns and wrists turn for example. You may see that the helmet is lighter green than the rest of the figure. That is the case as the plastic is different between the helmet and the rest of the figure.jinx-master-chief-bd-fig-magnum

To change hands you pull the current hand out of the wrist socket.jinx-master-chief-bd-fig-wrist-socket

When pushing the other hand on, do be careful. I’m not sure how much force it can take so don’t just try to jam it in.

The sword hand is pretty cool. Nice translucent blue hue. As many of you know, I’m a big fan of see-through toys, and this portion of the fig is a win for me.jinx-master-chief-bd-fig-sword

Sculpt: Given that this is a stylized version of Master Chief and not meant to be exactly game accurate, it gets a pass on scale size of the sculpting. While not a ‘POP’ figure, it does share the idea of a large head on a smaller body. Its pretty cool, and just a bit different from what I’m used to.
Articulation: Limited articulation of this means you can only put it into a few positions. As this is not meant to be an action figure, I’m not going to ping it too hard here though.
Paint Application: The paint is good. There isn’t a lot, but what is there works for this figure. The visor is fantastic.
Accessories: I do like that there is more than just the one hand/weapon with the figure.  The sword is a win to me.
Playability: Again, as this is not meant to be an action figure, it’s not so much for play as it is display.

You might have noticed I didn’t use my usual ‘medals’ scale as I usually do in my reviews. As this collectible isn’t the normal action figure or blok set that I review, I had to change up how I reviewed this figure. So instead of giving it a medal scale, I’ll give you a longer overall opinion about it, beyond what I’ve detailed above.

Overall: This Halo collectible is more of a niche thing. On the order of POP Vinyls. So if you’re into them, you may likely be into this as well. As there are only Chief and Locke to collect so far, it’s not a big collection. Who knows if we’ll see this expand. As an almost one-off though, it’s pretty cool. Just different enough to stand out in your collection or perhaps work/study desk? At $25, it’s a little bit more than what I think it should cost. The price may be due in part to it’s more limited run and that this version, if I’m correct, is a GameStop only exclusive. Were these mass retail, I would expect to pay no more than $15.

Do I recommend this product? I’ll put this at a MAYBE. It really is going to come down to your preferences. It does not fit in with McFarlane or Mattel Halo action figures. However, it is a neat stylization of Master Chief.  That said, this kind of style usually isn’t usually my cup of tea. Now if some of the Alien races were done? I would be much more inclined to get them. Arbiter please! Grunts? YES!!

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