Windows in the Car to put Cortana in the dashboard!

I found out that Cortana will indeed be available for Windows in your car. The following is an excerpt from slash—

CORTANA CPQuietly demonstrated at Build 2014 this past week, in concept form at least, Windows in the Car pares back the standard Windows Phone interface to suit center console touchscreens and safer use while on the move thanks to features like Cortana.

Microsoft’s new Cortana virtual personal assistant is also name-checked, potentially tagging along as an intelligent co-pilot of sorts. As we saw on Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana can locate nearby businesses and give navigation directions, as well as use geofencing to trigger reminders and alerts when you’re near a specific place, all features with applications in automotive.

Right now this is all still in the realms of demo-tech, and Microsoft isn’t saying when Windows in the Car might make it out of the labs and into your dashboard.

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HFFL: I hope this is affordable. I’d love to have Cortana for my vehicle and smart phone. Now imagine if this would also be integrated with existing HUDs for cars? We could potentially have an actual “hologram” of Cortana speaking to us….Yes, it’s a dream, but VERY possible. (Don’t judge me. LOL)