Marty O’Donnell fired from Bungie???


I just heard this, this morning when I got on the net. Marty O’Donnell, yes THAT Marty, was fired from Bungie! I’m just absolutely STUNNED by this. As most of you know he composed the music for all of the Halo games before Halo 4, except Halo Wars.

Here’s Marty’s tweet about it:
Marty Tweet

Bungie’s Deej had this to say on Bungie’s official site:Bungie fires Marty-Official

343 better hire him. It would be a monumental mistake for them not to. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to see him back holding the reigns of the Halo music again?

Even if Marty doesn’t come back to Halo, we Halo fans need to support him. Without him, Halo would not have had the epic musical score that it had (pre-Halo 4).

If you’ve got a twitter account, use the hashtag #Standbymarty Let’s get that trending folks!!!

More on this as I can find out. Stay Tuned!