Awesome custom resized Halo Mega Bloks Brute Chieftan!

My friend and fellow Halo Mega Bloks collector “Yrkane” customized one of his Halo Mega Bloks Brute Chieftans to be taller. It’s MUCH more in scale with the human minifies now.

His words about his custom are below:

BC no Hammer

He came out great, the pose-ability added by the CoD arms is too fun.

BC Hammer upBC Hammer down

The upper and lower arm armor is removeable, just hollowed out pieces; I tried to emulate the upcoming revised figures armor.

BC Hammer and pointing

I can’t wait for the official MEGA version.

HFFL: Finally, here is a comparison shot of his custom next to another untouched Halo Mega Bloks Chieftan: 

BC COMPHFFL: I’d say that’s damn fine work there! The extension of the limbs and the added teeth really make this figure SO much better. I hope Mega Brands takes a hint from this wonderful custom and gives us Brutes (and Elites for that matter) in the taller, better articulated variety.

A Legendary tattoo to speak of!

My friend “Dijabouti” told me a few weeks ago that he was thinking about getting a tattoo. Not just any old tattoo, but a Halo one. After doing his research and finding a reputable tattoo artist, he selected the Legendary symbol. The classic Elite one, not the Forerunner one from halo 4.

Below is the result of that:

Dijabouti Legendary tattoo
I have to say that is one kick-ass tattoo! The lines are down well and the shading is impeccable.This was Dij’s first tattoo. I wonder if he’ll get any more now based on his experience and the fantastic outcome?

Do YOU have any halo tattoos you’d like to share with me? If so, send me an e-mail with either .jgp or .png attachments of your tattoos to: [email protected] and I’ll feature them here.

I have to say, i’m a bit jealous of Dij right now. I’ve never been one for tattoos on myself, but this one is making me think twice…