Halo Bulletin 10.30.14: Live and Let Pie


The Halo Bulletin: Live and Let Pie

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been telling you more and more about the journey that lies ahead, and I do believe it is safe to say that these are exciting times indeed. Inside the studio, we’re putting the finishing touches on a variety of projects, some of which will be available to you as soon as tomorrow, some that are less than two weeks away, and others that will be coming closer to the end of the calendar year. In this week’s update, we have some details on these very experiences, and I’m excited to get started, so let’s do just that. Continue reading

Halo: Broken Circle coming Nov 4!

I’ve blogged about this before, however since the release date is so close and I got a reminder about this from another group, I wanted to blog about it again in case any of you had forgotten.

Halo: Broken Circle takes place centuries before our war with the Covenant. This time we see the Sangheili (Elites) and San ‘Shyuum (Prophets) facing off against one another. Before the start of the fateful Covenant itself. Continue reading

Where Halo meets Mayan Art

Yesterday Kotaku posted an article regarding a fan-made piece of Halo art. I agree with their sentiments that it feels more than just fan-made. It’s ART.

Fan, Sita Navas created a wonderful piece of art with Master Chief and the Arbiter depicted in a Maya like setting. Within the piece there is even a Mayan Cortana, along with a Assautl Rifle, Energy Sword and 343 Guilty Spark.

To say Sita nailed the look is an understatement. Continue reading

XBOX One to allow custom back grounds! (HFFL custom background!!!)

My friend, Rythimic Warrior (whom you know from his pipe cleaner Halo figures) let me know about the upcoming ability to add custom backgrounds to your XBOX One.

XBOX was kind enough to put up a template that you can work off of. You can download there HERE. This is a PSD file (Photoshop). When you click that link, it will automatically download.

In the meantime, I made a HFFL / Halo Master Chief Collection background. Continue reading