Halo: The Master Chief Collection Content Update notes for 11.26.14

This is a reblog from HaloWaypoint:

The next time you log into Halo: The Master Chief Collection, you will be prompted to download the latest content update, which is 523 MB. This particular content update addresses a number of matchmaking issues, fixes various bugs related to UI and the party system, and also improves overall stability.  While this update contains a variety of improvements, we continue to work on additional content updates that will be rolled out to address further issues that you have called out. Below, you’ll find a summary of the updates that are included in today’s update. Continue reading

Halo Escalation #12 comic book is now available!


Halo Escalation #12 is now available to buy. As always, if you buy print editions, I highly suggest buying form your local comic book store. I prefer to support local businesses myself, that’s why I promote them.

Here’s Darkhorse’s quick blurb about it:

“Exposure” part 2—Disaster looms as Spartans Ray and Thorne race against time to track down a mysterious new weapon of mass destruction. Duffy Boudreau (BlackAcreBloodshot) and Douglas Franchin bring you the stunning conclusion of another action-packed chapter of the Halo saga!

Here’s the cover for #12: Continue reading

I won a small Halo contest! (And you can benefit from it too!)

Gallery Books held a contest at the launch of the new novel, Halo: Broken Circle.

The contest was to like and comment on their Facebook page: If you could be any character in Halo lore, who would it be and why?

My answer was: Well, by far it would have to be Master Chief. He’s respected, he’s lucky, and he’s not just a spartan, he’s THE Spartan!

That last bit was paraphrasing Spartan Locke when he tells the Arbiter whom he is hunting.

Below is the prize pack that went to two lucky winners. There were close to 1,000 comments. I was one of two people who won! Continue reading

A status update from Bonnie Ross on Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Heh, as if by coincidence after I posted the podcast, Bonnie Ross, 343 Studio head, apologizes for the issues with the HMCC.

The following is a reblog from Halo Waypoint:

By Bonnie Ross:

On Nov 11th we released Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The goal being to create a tribute to Halo fans around the world, and to celebrate the Master Chief’s debut on Xbox One.  With the initial release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, however, we have not delivered the experience you deserve. I personally apologize for this on behalf of us all at 343 Industries. Our team is committed to working around the clock until these issues are resolved.  Continue reading

The Spirit of Fire podcast episode 14: The Halo Master Chief Collection: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Spirit of Fire Podcast LOGO_R-sm

In this episode, we talk about all things regarding the Halo Master Chief Collection. The title says it all, the good, bad and ugly. Before you take a listen, I want to point out that I really don’t like having podcasts with a negative tone, this one however does have that tone to a degree that draw from my personal experience with the game as well as my co-host Martin. It also includes anecdotal info from fellow Halo gaming friends of mine and their experience with the game so far. Continue reading

New Halo Pinterest art!

Every so often I post an article of Halo art, crafts, etc. that I find on Pinterest. Today brings seven new entries. Oh and if you didn’t know, HFFL does indeed have a Pinterest Page, you can find it on the menu to the right when you’re on the main page. For now, you can find it HERE.

Now here are the newly added pins and as always, click to make bigger (Feel free to download any of these as well as any of the ones you find on the HFFL Pinterest page):  Continue reading

HMCC Forge Tutorial: Scripting from Certain Affinity.

Scott Maclean form Certain Affinity walks us through how to use scripting in the Halo 2 Anniversary Forge of the Halo Master Chief Collection. I have to say after watching this that there is an endless amount of potential for maps with this new scripting service that Certain Affinity has given to us.

The video below is 22 minutes and worth every second of it! Continue reading