Halo Visualizer changes from Chief to Locke

Just a few days ago, http://visualizer.halowaypoint.com showed Chief’s helmet (as bits and pieces of messages. Now the image has changed to that of Locke’s helmet.

Halo visualizer Locke

Okay, I’ve got to say this now to get it out of my head. I’m really starting to hate this character. Yes, I know, he’s following orders. But it’s not just the character. It’s that 343 is basically shoving the character down our throats.

Sorry, but NO Spartan is equal to Chief. Even the rest of Blue team didn’t accomplish as much as Chief has. And we’re supposed to take to this joker who JUST BECAME a Spartan???

It’s going to take a LOT for me to like him. The whole hunting down Chief thing is already a huge knock to him. The way his character was introduced in Nightfall…ugh, just didn’t do it for me. Colter’s acting of the character was robotic, IMO.

So now, Chief’s helmet is removed and replaced with Locke’s. Ugh…let it be the 27th already so we can get away from all of this Locke advertising. PLEASE…

At any rate, follow the link above and leave a message!

Oh…and if you want to see Chief’s helmet in this, go to the line at the bottom of the page linked above. Slide a little left of the October 2 date. Locke’s helmet will change back to Chief’s!

Halo Community Update: Off to a Running Start

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Welcome to October 2015, Halo fans.

We’ve entered a historic month. In just 25 days, the next Halo title will release, and years from now, similar to past game launches, you may remember the lead up to the game’s launch, the midnight release, and the days and weeks that follow. We’ve been providing you with consistent drops of Halo 5: Guardians details, and we hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen thus far. Earlier this week, you saw more Warzone gameplay as well as REQ info. You’ve seen another sneak peek at new REQ Cards, and maybe you’re even caught up with all of the intense action of Season 2 of Hunt the Truth. A quick glance at the massive, jam-packed whiteboard next to my desk tells me that there’s a lot more on the way between now and the end of the month, and I’m excited for each and every screenshot, tidbit, and gameplay clip that is on the way.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned a great deal about the development of Campaign missions as well as Warzone and Arena. This week, we’ll take a deeper look at something we haven’t talked much about in the weekly update: the fast-paced Arena mode Breakout. Continue reading

Chief LIVES!!!

I knew it! Okay, so the chances of Chief really being dead weren’t quite big. But still…

This video had been leaked earlier in the day. I’m assuming that Microsoft/XBOX/343 was frustrated by that leak and by the time they got to it, it’s had been seen by many.

So they’ve officially released it.

BTW, this is likely the cid they were going to show during ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ this Sunday. They still will, in al likelihood.

Canon Fodder: Design of the Times

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Greetings, fiction-faithful! Welcome to issue double-quattro of Canon Fodder, forged in the fires of launch-time preparation. Last week we chatted with 343 Industries Franchise Development Director Frank O’Connor about Halo: Saint’s Testimony and Hunt the Truth. Speaking of which, by now you will have been able to have laid your ears on multiple episodes that make up the opening salvo of the auditory adventure. Needless to say, Season 2 has wasted very little time in ramping things up to a fevered pitch, and shows no signs of letting up. And if that weren’t enough, if you happened to be watching this week’s installment of Sunday Night Football, you probably came face to face with a few other foundation-shaking revelations. Continue reading

Halo Toy Review: McFarlane Halo 5 Guardians Action Figure- Master Chief

McF Toys logo

Technical Specifications:
• Ball Joint Head
• Ball Joint Shoulders
• Ball Joint Elbows
• Ball Joint Wrists
• Swivel Chest
• Limited Ball Joint hips
• Hinge Knees
• Limited Ball Joint Ankles
Accessories: Assault Rifle with sand and green markings, Magnum
Additional Contents: REQ Pack sheet (Requisition Pack) This sheet has a code on one side that you can redeem for Halo 5 Guardians in-game content. The content redeemed for varies from code to code.
Cost: $13-17 (US) depending on where you buy it at retail
Availability: Mass Retail

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER) Continue reading

Halo Mega Bloks Spartan Vale figure at NYCC

Just announced via twitter, Spartan Vale will shown at New York Comicon as part of their ‘Halo Heroes’ series.

MB ValeI did ask if these will be available at retail (as I believe they will be). No word yet, but I’ll revise this when/if I get the official word on it. We definitely need her and Spartan Tanaka to round out Fireteam Osiris!


Building your REQ collection: Pt 1

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A few weeks ago, we blew the lid off the REQ System, breaking down how everything in the system works. We also revealed a small group of REQ cards that you’ll be able to unlock when Halo 5 releases. Today, we’re revealing even more REQs that you just might be lucky enough to unlock in a REQ pack. Many of the REQ cards available, such as the Oathsworn below, have a history deeply rooted in the Halo Universe. When wielding one of these weapons in Warzone, you’ll undoubtedly feel its power and understand its history. Continue reading

Is Chief really dead? This fan’s perspective.

The loss of Master Chief

With those words, it was proclaimed that on the date October 27 2560, the Master Chief has died.

Walk with me, as I explore a possible Halo without Master Chief…and with him still in the fight!

First….that date if true is 2 years removed from the timeline of Halo 5 Guardians, which is 2558. In fact, Halo 5 is just 6 months after Halo 4. I’ve heard that the date was meant to be 2558. I find that a HUGE error if the video proclaims 2560, when it’s 2558. Doubtful 343 would make that kind of mistake, at this point in the game. (Pun intended) Continue reading

HUNT the Truth Season 2 Episode 2 From Fire to Blood

HtT S2E2-2 intro

A character that has appeared in the Halo comics makes her return in this episode of Hunt the Truth. A very POWERFUL character…tumblr_nvgablWVY41uokpa1o1_1280

The human language doesn’t have a word big enough for the thing on Conrad’s Point. “Pit” or “hole” or “crater” – they’re not big enough. “Impossible,” maybe. And yet there it was. Horrible and possible all at once.

A city lies in ruins, Maya meets a madwoman, and the Colonies mourn the death of a hero.

Okay, so you’ve listened to this episode yes? (If not, don’t go further as there will be spoilers)

Fero (Maya) really put herself at risk, huh? Well, really ONI did that to her. And killing off Ari? WOW! Ilsa Vain’s appearance isn’t completely unexpected, given her presumed escape in the Halo comics.

Conrad’s Point is a location that was shown in a hologram in the Fireteam Osiris intro. I think it’s a little odd that Black Box has an English accent. Hmm, is that an homage to Jarvis from Iron Man??

It’s definitely no surprise that ONI would hit the NCA (New Colonial Alliance), even with their operatives still at the location.

This half mile crater though…Likely the spot where a Guardian will come out of. Well, that’s my guess anyway, based on the E3 2013 trailer.