Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Fireteam Crimson

MB grey logo
Mega Bloks UNSC Fireteam Crimson: Set #97349

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 1 minute sorting, 2minutes building
Set Piece Count: 132
Minifigs: 5 Crimson color Spartans: Orbital, Enforcer, Recruit, Scout, Mark VI
Weapons: Grenade Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Target Locater, Magnum, Battle Rifle, DMR, Railgun, Shotgun, Machine Gun turret, 5 Frag grenades.
Accessories: Long crate, Flag stand with red flag, 3 magenta ferns, Jersey barrier, small Forerunner structure
Special Features: Translucent pole for making figures look like they are jumping into action.
Cost: $20

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Loser’s Bracket almost over in the Halo PAX Prime Showdown…

Pax Prime Showdown panel

VwS has a 2-0 lead on Triggers Down. With KotH on Lockdown coming up, is they close it out here, they move on to the Championship finals. They’ll have a tough go at it as they lost 0-3 against eXcellence. This meaning they will also have to win the first match just to tie up with eXcellence.

Stay posted to the blog as I’m updating the bracket and game recaps. You can follow that HERE.


Day 2 Halo PAX Prime Showdown mid-day recap

Pax Prime Showdown panel

In an exciting match, Triggers Down went 2-0 on the heavily favorited eXcellence. Game 3 started and eXcellence took the lead winning the game. Pistola played amazingly well getting a Frenzy!

Triggers DowneXcellence

However due to technical difficulties, the game had to be replayed.

So the teams reset. The replay didn’t matter to eXcellence who won the replay 3 game handedly.

Game 4 saw eXcellence again win with determination, forcing a game 5.

With that it was back to Team Slayer on Lockdown. Now THAT match was one for the ages as eXcellence went ahead at one point 27-5. Then Triggers down tried to mount a comeback. However, eXcellence was not having any of that. While TD did end up getting 27 more kills, it wasn’t enough to quell the fury that eXcellence played with, losing to them by a score of 50-32.

So eXcellence moved on in the winners bracket, while Triggers Down went to the losers bracket where they faced off against Reality Check, a rematch from the winners bracket from yesterday.

Realioty Check logo

Triggers Down barely had a chance to rest as they moved straight into their losers bracket match with Reality Check. The game was close at the start, then TD opened it up, eventually winning the game 50-32 Team Slayer on Sanctuary.

The second game saw them again on Sanctuary, this time in CTF. Slaying was good, though you could tell TD had the upper hand. They scored the first flag cap. Suddoth 1 had a near perfect stop for TD’s second cap but came up just shy with a slightly high snipe shot to stop the flag carrier. TD won the match 2-0 (halting the game at the 15 minute mark according to tourney rules. (If a team is up on an opponent in CTF by the 15 minute mark, the match is automatically ended and the win awarded to the team that was ahead).

The next game was KotH on Lockdown. Godlenboy thought TD might have a tough time of it, but it became readily apparent that TD was going to take this one. At one point they were doubled up on hill points over RC. TD goes on to win and advance in the tourney. They will play the winner of the TCN/Darkest Hour match.

Matches will resume shortly. I’ll be updating the bracket all through the tourney. You can check on that HERE.

Also, stay tuned to my twitter feed as I give some gameplay info as it is going on LIVE!


More technical issues with the PAX Prime Showdown tourney today…

Pax Prime Showdown panel

Streaming for the Triggers Down vs eXcellence match will not be happening. However, Bravo has stated that games are being recorded and will be uploaded to YouTube. When that happens, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, you can follow me on twitter for the most up to date info on the tourney today.

The rest of the matches are expected to be streamed.



Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Hierarch’s Shadow Convoy

MB grey logo
Mega Bloks Hierarch’s Shadow Convoy Set #97521

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 25 minutes sorting, 2 hours building
Set Piece Count: 485
Minifigs: 2x Halo 2 UNSC Marines, 3x Honor Guard Elites, 2 Halo 2 Jackals (w/purplish mohawks), Prophet of Truth, Arbiter (new dark grey/blue), Sgt Johnson
Weapons: 3x Honor Guard Staffs, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Magnum, 2x Beam Rifles, 2x Plasma Rifles, Plasma Pistol, Energy Sword, 2x Plasma Grenades
Accessories: 2x UNSC backpacks, Prophet of Truth Dias (Hover Chair)
Special Features: Cockpit opens, turret pivots, removable lower middle troop section allows for Ghost to be attached to Shadow belly
Cost: $55

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Lockdown Loading screen cap

If you haven’t yet seen it, here is a screen cap of the Lockdown loading screen from Halo 2 Anniversary’s multiplayer.

Lockdown load screen

I have to say that this is amazing! If all of the screens for Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer look this good….WOW!


PAX 2014 Halo Panel RECAP


The panel started with Frank O’Conner introducing the panel. Just after which, members of the 405th Halo cosplay group came up on the stage. Many excellent Spartan costumes were seen. However, there was one special costume. That of “Mister Chief”, which is Frank’s poorly drawn Master Chief. One surprise came before the 405th left the stage. Continue reading