Halo Toy Review: Covenant Drone Outbreak

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Mega Bloks Covenant Drone Outbreak: Set #CND03 <–Mega has gone with a new number system for their sets it appears.

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 20 minutes sorting, 1 hour 10 minutes building (would have been less if not for photographing for the review)
Set Piece Count: 378
Minifigs: Jorge S-052, Blue JFO Spartan, 2 Covenant Drones (First appearance from Mega Bloks)
Weapons: 2x Plasma Pistols, Shotgun, Target Locator, Machine Gun turret, with removable turret.
Accessories: Large Backpack (for Jorge)
Special Features: Removable roof on truck allows for standard figures to fit inside
Cost: $30

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Need a medical excuse to play Halo? XBOX has you covered!

If you go to xboxsicknote.com you’ll find a neat little app within that let’s you create a medical excuse for gaming. There are a few games to choose from. Of course I picked Halo…

Here’s the resulting medical excuse I got:

Halo medical excuse

Wort wort wort! LOL.

Go check it out and have a little fun. Though don’t expect to actually USE the note and be excused. You’ve been warned.


Halo New Blood Novel, follow up. Guess on storyline..

You might have missed this info in the Cannon Fodder article I posted. There is some exciting news in the way of Halo novels coming soon.

Halo New Blood

Halo: New Blood, the new book by Matt Forbeck tells a story of Gunnery Sergeant Buck. Himself a highly decorated ODST, the UNSC comes with a proposal to him. It had already been said of Buck that if he were any better, he’d be a Spartan. Well now it seems like he has his shot at it. But will he take it? Continue reading

The Bulletin Episode 9

Jay Frecette is out this week, so Bravo brings you this week’s bulletin.

He mostly talks about the HCS and the Halo 5 Beta. There is a good vid showing the use of the Hydra. I bet many of you didn’t think to use it the way it is shown.

Halo Escalation #14 preview


Darkhorse Comics Halo Escalation #14 will be released on Jan 18. Here is a preview of the cover and first 5 pages, via Darkhorse’s website.

This one features Jul ‘Mdama on the cover, so you know it’s going to be an interesting issue.

The brilliant but obsessed Dr. Catherine Halsey has allied herself with fanatical Covenant commander Jul ’Mdama . . . and now a deadly reckoning awaits the UNSC Infinity. The thrilling sequel to Halo 4’s Spartan Opscontinues in this four-part story by Duffy Boudreau (BlackAcreBloodshot), and Sergio Ariño (Ms. Marvel)

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1.23.15 MCC Content Update Beta Test FAQ

This is a reblog from Halo Waypoint:

In recent weeks, we have been conducting extensive internal testing of an upcoming content update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Given the scale of the update, which includes changes to the matchmaking experience and party system, we are expanding testing to include select members of the Xbox One Preview program to ensure the official release is the best possible experience for all players.

The content update beta test is open to Xbox One owners within North America who have a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and have opted-in for Xbox One beta testing as part of the Xbox One Preview program. This is an opt-in opportunity and the content update will only be made available to selected participants within the Xbox One Preview program, based on the highest levels of engagement with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. On Friday, January 23, participants selected will be prompted to download the content update automatically when the title is started.

To learn more about the content update beta test, please see the FAQ below. Continue reading

Canon Fodder – Bam, said the lady

This is a reblog from (several entries on) Halo Waypoint:

halo-5-concept-hero-small-1920x350-51cd3cfb806846fd81532fdf6e28e188By GrimBrother One

Greetings!Welcome back to Canon Fodder, where we’ve got something pretty special lined up for you this week. You might have noticed the gorgeous cover art on your way in courtesy of one Isaac Hannaford. If you thought that was some sort of not-so-subtle hint, you’re absolutely right.
Get ready to drop feet first into the latest addition to the Halo story, as 343 Industries and our awesome friends at Simon & Schuster and Pocket Star Books are proud to announce, Halo: New Blood. We are extremely excited to bring Halo fiction fans something they’ve long been waiting for: More. Buck. That’s right, everyone’s favorite Gunny will be taking main stage in a brand new Digital-First Short Novel that will give fans new insight into the history and heroism of one of the UNSC’s finest.
Told from Buck’s perspective, readers will learn where he’s been and what he’s been doing, from finding his place in a changing post-war landscape to his evolving relationships with those closest to him. This new roller coaster ride is penned by Matt Forbeck, who aside from being an award-winning and New York Times bestselling author, is just like many of us – a huge Halo fan! With that in mind we thought it would be cool to have him let us know how he feels about the overall Halo narrative experience, as well as what he’s most excited about bringing to the table for Halo fans.
HFFL: Wait, digital first.. might that also mean an audio version read by Mr. Nathan Fillion himself???

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Halo Toy Review: Booster Frame (2015)

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Mega Bloks Booster Frame: Set #CND02 <–Mega has gone with a new number system for their sets it appears.

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 15 minutes sorting, 1 hour 15 minutes building (would have been less if not for photographing for the review)
Set Piece Count: 277
Minifigs: Spartan Fred-S104
Weapons: Spartan Laser (Painted)
Accessories: N/A
Special Features: Retractable side guns, extendable wings, moveable back peg plug-in for Spartan
Cost: $20

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Post Beta review taking a bit longer than expected.

I have so much to write about and am feverishly working on the post-beta review. There will be several parts to it. For now, I’m trying to get the right outline for it and make it all consistent with it’s various parts.

I had hoped to start posting this today, but realize this will take a bit longer. I want to approach this beta review fairly as well as have consistency throughout the individual parts.

Apologies to any who were looking forward to reading it today. I hope you all understand that it’s better not to rush something, just to get it out, than it is to do something right the first time…Hmm, that sounds a bit familiar.


Canon Fodder – Just Getting Started

This is a reblog from Halo Waypoint: 

By GrimBrother One –

Greetings, and Happy New Year!

By now, many of you have likely seen the new Universe section for Halo Waypoint and the Halo Channel, where fans both seasoned and new can get more information on major players in the Halo fiction. One of the driving forces behind this venture is to give fans new ways to see Halo as one larger, connected experience. Halo fans have a wealth of ways to experience the underlying story of Halo, and while some find their home in the games, others find themselves drawn to other mediums, such as novels, comics, or live-action pieces. We are positioning the Universe section so that it can help connect all these various experiences, from the Fall of Reach to Forward Unto Dawn, from Combat Evolved to Contact Harvest. Continue reading

HMCC Updates coming SOON

The following is a reblog from Halo Waypoint. These updates will take place within the next few days:


  • Improved matchmaking search success rates.
  • Made an update to reduce instances of “Awaiting Privileges” matchmaking errors.
  • Made an update to ensure player counts more reliably match the expected numbers for each playlist.
  • Fixed an issue where player would sometimes appear to be searching in an incorrect “FIND GAME” screen.
  • Added countdown sound effect to the voting timer.


  • Made several improvements to party joining through the in-game Roster.
  • Made an update to ensure that the mute icon is visible while in Matchmaking.
  • Fixed an issue in Halo 4 where players could equip the same weapon as their primary and secondary weapons.


  • Made several improvements to stat tracking for Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4.
  • Made changes to Halo 3 and Halo 4 scoring to ensure that players are not penalized for destroying empty vehicles.


  • Lowered the music volume level in multiplayer menus.
  • Fixed an issue where friend emblems in roster would show up as default when exiting a game session.
  • Made updates to UI and menus to improve multiplayer status messaging, such as when a player joins your lobby.


  • Made an update to the Halo 2 Anniversary “Legacy” Stick Layout.


  • Made stability improvements across multiple titles for campaign and multiplayer.

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