The Halo Bulletin 7-23-14


The days before major gaming industry events are, in many ways, totally insane. As we prepare to show you new things, last-minute finishing touches are made with extreme care and caution. Teams of 343’ers stand huddled around one another’s desks, determining which images, scenes, and features will be shown for the first time. We argue over typefaces and screenshots, add last-minute reveals, and reiterate until we’ve got something great to share with all of you. Up until the last minute, we’re continually asking ourselves about the best ways to show you the new experiences that lie ahead. Continue reading

Mike Colter, speaks of his Agent Locke role in Halo: Nightfall.


“Agent Locke is a new character to the Halo franchise and will play a pivotal role in Halo: Nightfall and Halo 5: Guardians. I’m really excited for our Halo: Nightfall panel at San Diego Comic-Con – Agent Locke is one of the most exciting and unique characters I’ve ever played, and I can’t wait to tell fans all about him next week,” explained Colter via an email interview.

mike-colter-970x545 Continue reading

New Halo Pipe Cleaner figures, by Isaiah! Elites and Red Team

I’ve featured Isaiah’s pipe cleaner Halo figures on the blog before. He does some really great work with them to make Halo figures.

Also, of note, Isaiah is also one of HFFL’s newest Gaming Group members, going by the GT of Rhy7hmicW4rrior.

Here are most of his latest batch of figs, followed by the links to the previous 3 articles about his work. Continue reading

VERY Limited Halo XBOX One edition!

Well, we’ve been waiting for and wanting a Halo XBOX One edition. It appears there will be one at San Diego Comic-Con. That’s the problem. Just ONE!

Well, if you’re to believe what is coming from nerdist that is.

There will be a Halo XBOX One edition along with 19 other special edition XBOX One’s given away at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Continue reading

Halo Toy Review: Bearbrick Master Chief figure

The Bearbrick line is not something I’m into. However, since they just put out a Master Chief figure, I decided to check out that one. The following is my video review of the fig.

Was it worth it? Well, for a one-off fig coming from China, yeah. It’s not something I would do all the time however. If they made a Cortana Bearbrick, I’d probably get that and stop there.

Do any of you have this figure also? If not, do you plan on getting it? Let me know.


Extra Life Charity event in 100 Days!

I will once again be participating in the Extra Life Charity event.

Extra Life 100 days

However, this year, HFFL will be organizing a TEAM of gamers to participate in this, in hopes of raising even more money that last year, for the cause!

To learn more about Extra Life, go HERE.

If you are interested in participating with the HFFL team for this event, send me an e-mail at

My minimum requirements for this are that you must be over 18 and MUST have a working headset with a working microphone.


It’s 117 days until Halo: The Master Chief Collection comes out!


Today marks 117 days until the Master Chief Collection comes out!

What makes this even more special for me is that it’s also Veterans Day. As a NAVY vet, that day and Memorial Day hold special meaning for me.

On that note, look for news hopefully soon regarding a partnership of sorts with a gaming veterans organization.

In the meantime, long live 117!

The Halo Bulletin 7-17-14

This bulletin would have been out sooner on the blog had I not tweaked my back. Apologies folks. Health comes first though.halobulletinheader_7-16_800-cd1ce0ff3a624424a78c10f2e783e9efOver the past two months, we’ve begun to share our plans for the current year and beyond. We started to announce new characters, vehicles, and re-mastered maps. In the near future, we’ll have more to share on everything from Halo: The Master Chief Collection to Halo: Nightfall, and more. We know you’re anxiously awaiting more details on these projects, and it just so happens that we’ll have new info to share with you quite soon. The next stop for the Halo team is sunny San Diego for the world famous Comic-Con International. Continue reading