2nd Anniversary HFFL LANstravaganza update.

HFFL 2014 LAN logo

Okay folks, I need for those of you who are coming to the LAN to please e-mail me with your confirmation of such. If you have anyone else you will be bringing (and that is SOLID for attending, not just possible), please include that in your e-mail as well. If you have more that will attend with you after you send the e-mail, please send me an update by e-mail so that I may include them into the number of attendees. Continue reading

Want to fly a Space Banshee of Seraph in Reach?

A blog subscriber sent me the link to this video. It shows how to get into and fly a Space Banshee or Seraph in the ‘Long Night of Solace’ mission in Reach. It will take some work to do so, but it looks like fun.

Now if only game developers would allow us to use this stuff without having to go through all of the extra steps to do so…

I hope 343 let’s us have a LOT of free reign in Halo 5 Guardians with Forge and custom games, so that we can do stuff like this on our own.