Halo Wars 2 Story Vidoc

There is SO much goodness in this video. Take a look then we’ll talk after…

Okay, so what did you think? First off, Blur’s visuals have gotten even BETTER.

Atriox is truly a Brute Commander to be reckoned with! Fighting off 3 Spartans and not even breaking a sweat or breathing heavy? Yeah, uh, we’re in for a fight here!

The updated look for Anders is decent. I like the new AI, though I can’t wait to see what happened to Serena.

Can you imagine being in Cryo for 28 years, then coming out of it to this? Just think about in our own lifetimes how much has happened in 28 years. For instance, if you went into Cryo in 1998, then woke up now? The world has changed DRAMATICALLY in those years. Such it is as well for the crew of the Spirit of Fire.

The story of Halo Wars 2 is really shaping up to be something special in the Halo timeline. I have a bad feeling that ending of Halo Wars to may not bode well for the crew of the Spirit of Fire… Worse still, the UNSC at large.

HCS Pro League EU Summer 2016 Finals Preview


Over the course of the European Summer 2016 Season in the HCS Pro League, it has seemed like there are almost two divisions: FAB Esports – formally known as U4X – and everyone else. While defending Halo World Champions CLG have gathered the lion’s share of top-contender attention, FAB Esports have in many ways quietly put together the most impressive display of any team in either HCS Pro League region. FAB Esports easily topped the season standings at an undefeated match record of 10-0, losing only four individual games throughout the entire Summer campaign. Meanwhile, the rest of the standings were hotly contested all year, with every other team ending the season each only separated by one match. In the end, it was Infused, XMEN, and Vibe that earned the right to join FAB Esports in the Finals, leaving Dinosaurs and Pulse fighting for their HCS Pro League lives this Saturday in the Relegation Bracket. Here’s how the schedule breaks down for all of this weekend’s action:


You can check out all the action from our live studio audience by purchasing tickets here, but if you can’t be there in person, you can catch it all streamed live on Twitch.tv/Halo and Halo.gg. Continue reading

Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Brute Chopper Raid

MB grey logo  

Mega Bloks Brute Chopper Raid

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: less than 1 hour ( including sorting and building)
Set Piece Count: 221
Minifigures: Brute Captain, Spartan Kat
Accessories: Buildable Bubble Shield, Bubble Shield generator, figure stand, pistol, Brute  Mauler
Special Features: Chopper wheel rolls, pivot chassis
Cost: $21-23 Depending on where you buy it from. I got mine from Amazon.com

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER) Continue reading

Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Incinerator Cyclops

MB grey logo  

Mega Bloks Incinerator Cyclops

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: less than 45 minutes (sorting and building)
Set Piece Count: 162
Minifigures: UNSC FlameMarine (Halo Wars style, with tan undercut, mostly grey armor(
Weapons: Buildable Flamethrower
Accessories: Buildable Flamethrower for Cyclops, Figure stand
Special Features: Multiple points of articulation. See pics for specific details.
Cost: $17-20 Depending on where you buy it from. I got mine from Amazon.com

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER) Continue reading

Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Strike Cyclops

MB grey logo  

Mega Bloks Strike Cyclops

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: less than 45 minutes (sorting and building)
Set Piece Count: 162
Minifigures: UNSC Marine (Halo Wars style, with Black Helmet.
Weapons: Shotgun
Accessories: Buildable Gun for Cyclops
Special Features: Multiple points of articulation. See pics for specific details.
Cost: $17-20 Depending on where you buy it from. I got mine from Amazon.com

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Pro League Tickets on Sale NOW!

This is a reblog from Halo Waypoint:

The HCS Pro League Summer 2016 Season is drawing to a dramatic close, as the top Halo teams and players from around the world are competing to etch their names in Halo esports history. All season long, fans across the globe have tuned in to cheer on their favorite squads, and today we’re excited to join our partners at ESL and KCON USA in announcing this opportunity for fans to watch their esports heroes in action live and in person.

In both the North American and European regions, tickets are now on sale to the HCS Pro League Summer 2016 Finals, and we’ve got the details on the goodies and the glory up for the taking for those in attendance. Continue reading

7.15.16 Halo 5 HOTFIX!

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It’s been just a few short weeks since we dropped Warzone Firefight, Halo 5’s latest and largest free content release. In that time, the community has banded together to battle round after round of alien enemy, taking the fight to Covenant and Promethean opponents alike. Back at the 343 mothership, we’ve been carefully monitoring your feedback and play data in order to continue evolving and improving your Halo 5 experience.

In that vein, earlier today we flipped the switch on a hotfix to improve your experience in both Warzone Firefight as well as on Tidal, our brand new Forge canvas. Let’s take a quick look at what’s been improved with this hotfix update. Continue reading

Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks UNSC JackRabbit Blitz

MB grey logo  

Mega Bloks UNSC JackRabbit Blitz

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: less than 20 minutes (sorting and building)
Set Piece Count: 91
Minifigures: Spartan Douglas-042 (Part of Red Team!)
Weapons: 2X Pistol
Accessories: N/A
Special Features: Wheels spin, roll cage lowers and raises, mini turret pivots/turns
Cost: $10-12 Depending on where you buy it from. I got mine from Amazon.com

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FOUR Halo Mega Bloks reviews incoming!

I just received a small box from Amazon. Providing all the pieces re there, I’ll have 4 NEW Halo Mega Bloks reviews coming. Starting tomorrow and then one more each day for the three days thereafter.

Sets to be reviewed are (all are from the upcoming Halo Wars 2 game):

UNSC Jackrabbit Blitz
Brute Chopper Raid
Incinerator Cyclops
Strike Cyclops

All made possible by my loving wife who understands my fanaticism with collecting…

Community Update: RTX 2016 Recap


Welcome back, friends. Since we last spoke, the Warzone Firefight release has reached your consoles, we’ve traveled to the heart of Texas, and we’re now back in the studio preparing for what’s next. Perhaps the “what’s next” list may be of great interest to you.

This week, the Warzone team pushed out an update to fix the “back button” scoreboard and PGCR (post game carnage report) sorting, and they’re also hard at work on further updates to Warzone Firefight. As we speak, teams are looking at all of the data and feedback you’ve generated so far, and evaluating as they work towards future updates for the mode. While we don’t have a final ETA just yet, you can rest assured that work is well underway, and that you’ll be hearing about more details soon. Oh, and fixes for Tidal lighting are being worked on, too.

HFFL: Oh good, regarding Tidal. It takes an inordinate amount of time to bake lighting. If you are going to forge on Tidal, I HIGHLY suggest SAVING your game before baking lighting. The game can lag out before doing so. It’s happened to me and a few others I know of. 

We’ve been thrilled about the incredible amount of new players who jumped into Halo 5 during the free play period, and hope many of you stick around (one of us! one of us!). As we mentioned last night, we’ve also been ecstatic to see the number of monthly Halo 5 players increasing month over month over the past few months. This is pretty special to see, and I’m looking forward to plenty more gaming with you this summer. Speaking of, we’ve seen many inquiries about what’s to come for Halo 5. We’re glad you’re asking. While you won’t be seeing updates every month moving forward, nor updates the size of the Warzone Firefight release, we’re happy to let you know that there’s still more on the way. Things we have yet to talk about or discuss. Things that I have seen, and I think you will like. These and more are in the works, so in short, there is indeed more to come. Rest easy.

HFFL: Cool. Glad to know there is more on the way. We’ve gotten plenty already. More than enough, IMO. SO anything from this point forward is a huge heap of icing on the cake, so-to-speak.

Next up, let’s catch up on a few different topics, starting with RTX and the cool things we brought there. Grim’s got the details.

RTX 2016

rtx-2016-halo-banner2-4dde8771ef4f4e689c119146338ff8d5 Continue reading

Canon Fodder: Crown Jul

This is a reblog from Halo Waypoint:


Howdy, Halo lovers. Thanks for joining us for another week of your favorite service for story-centric snippets. Last issue was a lovely load of lore lovin’, continuing the Firefight-focused fiction feast. This time around we’re playing a bit of catch-up after an incredibly busy few weeks, but we’ve still got some pretty cool things to talk about that we think you’ll enjoy. Also, props to Halo Waypoint community member Nihilus Shadow for the epic highlight shot of the Didact’s Hand (though maybe not quite as good as this one) used as this week’s feature image. And with that, let’s dive in!


canonfodder-7-8-16-adee61e09aa243f3add8b121c4f5a56cOne of the sweet little surprises that awaited players diving into Halo 5: Guardians for the most recent release was the (re)appearance of a well-known Sangheili warlord. There were no doubt plenty of surprised  lore aficionados when Jul ‘Mdama’s name was called out for the first time in Warzone within the Attack on Sanctum scenario, as the challenging Boss he is. While this is the first time players have had the opportunity to tackle the resurgent Covenant leader in-game, it’s certainly not the first time he’s left his mark on Halo hearts. Jul first appeared in Karen Traviss’ Halo: Glasslands and would go on to feature prominently in her Kilo-5 trilogy, revealing the ugly underbelly of interspecies post-war politics. Continue reading

Halo Heroes – Episode 2: Spartan Vale

MB grey logo

Mega Bloks has done it again. Another fun thrilling mini-sized adventure. This time with their Halo Heroes Spartan Vale figure!

Okay, now I don’t know about you folks, but I SERIOUSLY want that mini-Spirit! I hope Mega Bloks makes that as a set too!!!

MB Mini-Spirit

That looks phenomenal! Lots of pieces. Might be 200 there. That would be a $20 and I’d TOTALLY buy it for that price!

Halo 5 Assault Preview Playlist

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Today, we’re launching a new Assault Preview playlist that will allow players to get a look at some of the updates that the multiplayer team has been working on. To get you the details, we hand things over to the multiplayer team:

When we launched Assault with the Hammer Storm release back in February, it was received well by players as it was chaotic and a change of pace from Capture the Flag and Strongholds. Over time, we saw some feedback around the feeling of fairness and scoring, and have been working to make updates to improve the mode.  Continue reading

HFFL Exclusive Interview with Halo Wars 2 wins champion, YoungBerk!

Before we get started, I want to make expressly clear that I do not give permission to anyone other than 343 or Creative Assembly to repost this article. You may however, link to this article without posting any portion of the article, with exception to the title of the article itself as it is used exactly here. Please respect that. 

HFFL: Hello, YoungBerk, thanks for agreeing to do this interview.
YB: Hello

HFFL: Tell us a little about yourself.
YB: First, I’m 21 years old and from Berkeley CA. I’m currently a student at UC Berkeley in my sophomore year studying media studies.

HFFL: Great school! Continue reading

Been busy with Firefight, how about you?

I’ve been playing so much Warzone Firefight and Forging that I’ve not posted on the blog for almost a week…apologies…

At any rate, Firefight has been such a grand time. If you haven’t played it, you NEED to. If you’ve only played a little, get back in there and shoot up some Covies and Prometheans!

I’ll get some articles out later today (Thursday).

I have planned a fan interview, some Halo Mega Bloks news, and of course Halo 5 news.

Thanks for sticking with me folks. It continues to be my honor to bring you news from around the Haloverse/Domain!