HaloFanForLife.com community night, Friday June 6.

I haven’t done one of this in awhile, so I thought with E3 on the horizon, I’d hold a community night.

Time to start will be 8pm EST until Midnight.

You’re welcome to join in for all or part of the community night.

The turnout of gamers will dictate what games we play.

I do plan on playing on a custom map I’ve map. From there, we might continue to play customs or head into matchmaking.

If you’d like to join in, send me a message over XBOX Live that Friday. If you want to bring in a friend, let me know in the message first. Please be respectful and not bring in people yourself once you are in the party. Just ask me if you can bring a friend in later.

I look forward to having a fun night of gaming. See you then!