Halo 5 Guardians BETA to last nearly FOUR weeks!


Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta will run from December 27, 2014, and end on January 22.

While that time isn’t unprecedented for BETAs it is for 343. If you recall there was no PUBLIC Beta for Halo 4, much to the outcry of fans. That later came to bite 343 in the butt. It’s clear they and Microsoft have learned their lesson about not having a Beta for a Halo game.

What’s heat about the timing of this is that it’s like a Christmas present from 343 to us!

I know what I’ll be playing almost exclusively during that time!!!


Play Arts Halo 2 Anniversary Master Chief!

Just announced today, there will be a Halo 2 Anniversary Play Arts KAI Master Chief figure.Square Enix Play Arts KAI Halo 2 Anny Master Chief-wm

Obviously the one shown in the pic has not yet been painted. Price and Release date not yet mentioned, but you can bet, I’ll post it when I do find it. Likely to be $60-80.

This is to be shown at SDCC 2014, so it may be likely it’s going to be sold there as well.