What NEW and/or old vehicles would you like to see in Halo 5 Guardians?

I’ve likely asked this question before here. However, with E3 right around the corner, I figured I’d raise the question again.

So let’s consider what vehicles already exist in the Halo cannon that might be possible for Campign/Multiplayer (NOT huge ships mind you, just troop transports and smaller):

First up the Covenant craft:
Ghost (you can be this will be back)
Banshee (same here)
Wraith (yep)
Spectre Hmm, might be nice to see this one come back.
Prowler Unlikely as 343 has gone away from Brutes.
Chopper Read above…
Space Banshee This would be an interesting prospect. Easier in the campaign. But what if there is a special aerial assault or space assault matchmaking playlist? (BTW, I’d LOVE to see that happen)
Vampire See above
Seraph See above also
Shadow This Covie troop transport vehicle is very unlikely. If it were to show up, I’d imagine it to be in the campaign only.
Phantom Again, I think campaign might be possible. I’d love to have this in customs though.
Scarab Campaign? As something in a custom map? Maybe a stationary element on a map? One way or another, I’d love to see this back in Halo.
Locust Essentially a smaller version of the Scarab. Hmm, this might be fun in matchmaking, or at least in customs.
Revenant I really liked this vehicle. It would be a shame if it was only ever used in Reach.
Anti-Air Wraith Campaign sure. I do not think it would make it to MM.

Those in mind above, would you like to see a NEW Covie vehicle?

On to the UNSC:
Mongoose Of course
Scorpion Yep
Mantis Hmm, will it make a return? I hope so. At least in customs if not anywhere else.
Warthog (Chain Gun, Rocket, Gauss) Yep to all three. The troop one however?
Elephant This was SO much fun on Sandtrap back in Halo 3. Many times I’d steal the enemy’s Elephant and bring it back to my team’s Elephant for the quick and easy win.
Hornet Another ship many of we fans would like to see back. Hopefully in MM or at least customs.
Falcon This was a fun craft to pilot. Given that chronologically in the story it’s before the hornet, I wouldn’t count on it, but still, it would be awesome to have back, IMO. Make a version that pilots can shoot with too!
Pelican Maybe in campaign again. If not pivotable in MM, then as a stationary element. Not like the damaged one on Vahalla/Ragnarok though. An upright one.
Vulture This Halo Wars craft would be extremely fun to pilot. Campaign? Maybe. MM, nope, though I’d love to have it in customs even if it too were a stationary element.
Grizzly A suped up version of the Scorpion with TWO barrels. Would be great for BTB!
Cobra A two-pronged Gauss cannon that can convert to a more powerful united gauss cannon. This too would be a great BTB vehicle.
Wolverine Man, I’d love to see this in the campaign. Not something likely to show up in MM though. Customs?
Gremlin Not really a vehicle I think we’ll likely see in Halo again, except a Halo Wars 2, if made.
Rhino This is a 6-tread super scorpion. Hells yeah, I’d like to see it in the game!
Shortsword I’d definitely like to see this as a playable vehicle somewhere in Halo.
Longsword This would be nice. Hmm, maybe as Chief’s ship in H5G?
Broadsword It was fun in Halo 4, if underused. Wouldn’t mind seeing it back, especially if there dis that space battle map I’m hopping for!
Sabre Another fun ship to pilot in. Sadly, I think it’s lost for good. So enjoy it in Reach…
Mammoth This has just GOT to be in the next game! I wouldn’t expect it to be drivable, but dang, wouldn’t it make for a great base to protect? Imagine having two of these on the map, one blue, one red bases? CTF would be awesome! So too Bomb game types.
Sparrowhawk Now this one needs to be known more in Halo. Those who played Halo Wars know this ship. It would be very fun in MM or at least customs!

Any NEW UNSC vehicle you’d like to see made?

How about some human civilian craft?
Gold civilian Warthog Why not?
• Various tractor trailers?
Forklift YES please!

Now here’s one more category that hasn’t even been touched… Forerunner. At the least, I’d like to see one ground and one aerial Forerunner ship. Mind you, these would be a little oversized for humans and even Spartans, but that could be scaled down to make fit for Spartans.

Okay folks, that’s a decent sized list. What of these would you like to see in Halo 5: Guardians?Which in Campaign? Multiplayer? Customs?

I’m of the mind that if we can’t have certain vehicles in matchmaking that we should be able to have them in customs. Man, the absolute fun that could be had with them. Not to mention LOADS of potential for fan-made vids!!!


Has IGN let the cat out of the bag??? Master Chief collection real?

If you hop on over to IGN.com, you’ll see that they’ve listed the games for E3 2014. In that list are Halo 5 Guardians (pre-order) and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, both for XBOX One.

Here’s a clipped part of their table of games:

IGN Halo game list

So is this for real or are they also speculating?

I for one this is real. If so, I really hope 343 spills the beans on what all is included with the HMCC. (Halo Master Chief Collection)




Should there be a DLC playlist in Halo 4 (and Halo going forward)?

This article is my response to that question posed on the Halo Waypoint forums:

I didn’t read all the replies in that thread, but one thing I kept noticing was people griping about potential low population for a DLC playlist…..

Folks, Proving Ground ALWAYS has a low population, yet it’s in. DLC most definitely should have it’s own playlist.

If it’s not going to be required to play in other playlists then gamers start questioning why they ever bought DLC in the first place. We see this mentioned all the time in the Waypoint forums.

343 needs to steer clear of that by providing a DLC playlist. Yes, it won’t be one of the higher populated playlist, but it WILL give all of us who DID buy those map packs a 100% chance to play on maps we bought.

To do this, I’d say ALL DLC would have to be required to play in that playlist. Otherwise you’d still run into the problem of people having some but not all DLC.

Honestly, I think the way playlist management has been handled in Halo 4 has really HURT the population. Not having a DLC mandatory playlist has killed desire by many to even buy them for the next game.

To sweeten the pot so to speak for DLC, 343 could include gametypes that are not currently available within it. For instance Regicide. Also, instead of having a rotating playlist, get rid of that and put DLC in it’s place. Include King of the Hill (Yes, I know it’s currently available but only for those two weeks during it’s rotation). Other gametypes like Dominion *light, Oddball, Extraction, etc., would be included.

So why do that? Well most of those have commendations attached to them. For those folks who want to work on their commendations, they’d have a playlist in which to do so. The caveat being they’d need to have all the DLC to play in it. This would garner funds for 343 (not much likely but some) and provide gamers with many more options not currently available or available on an ongoing basis.

end copy/paste

So what are your thoughts folks? Did you buy DLC for Halo 4? Would you want to have an ALL/ONLY DLC playlist? Please reply below and let me know.