Thanks to all who came out for HFFL Community Night

I had a really good time gaming last night. Without promoting it much, we still had 10 people show up. We played a lot of customs. Various games including race, “Duck Hunt” (A flood variant), CTF (on a map I made) and more. After a bit we went into matchmaking. Lots of BTB then Heavies when the group got a little smaller.

Met a couple of new people during the night. “D Vice” and “RoyVic“. Thatnks to Roy for streaming the games through his twitch account:

It was great to have most of the HFFL gaming group fellas there, including two who hadn’t played with us in awhile. Welcome back to ExR Impacts and Tetrahedrite!

I’ve decided since we had a great time and a good turnout to once again have this every Friday. So count on a HFFL Community Night every Friday from 8pm-Midnight EST. You can show up whenever and don’t have to stay the whole time.

We’ll likely start with some customs for some variation and fun, then move on to matchmaking.