ODST Buck in Halo 5??? More than possible!

So in amongst all of the excitement that was the Halo Master Chief Collection, there comes a tie bit that seems to have gone unnoticed. Until now. My friend and fellow gaming group member, HFFL Big Cheese, let me know that there Frank O’Conner has said there was a voice over easter egg in the trailer.

Check out the Halo 5 Guardians Beta trailer again. This time listen VERY closely starting at the 10 second mark. You’ll hear a Spartan yell, “Ready? Let’s move!”

The voice sounds VERY much like Nathan Fillion. He’s of course known for Firefly and Castle. However, he’s an AVID Halo fan as well. He’s had voice overs in several games, being featured prominently in Halo 3: ODST as a character. He also has the same role in a cameo within Reach.

Could it be that Nathan Fillion/ODST Buck will be in Halo 5 Guardians? AND that he’s become a Spartan? I’ve surmised for some time that if Spartan IVs are being taken from the rank and file of the UNSC and the comment of Buck being, “If he were any better, he’d be a Spartan” than Buck most definitely could now become a Spartan.

Has my (and I’m sure many of your) wishes become true?

Well, here’s another clue…

Nathan Fillion Dan Ayoub E3 2014

Hmm, now why would the acclaimed Mr. Fillion be at this year’s E3, I wonder? Yes, he might be involved with Destiny. However, his appearance with Dan Ayoub, Executive Producer with 343, just might present itself as a thing to come.

So how about it? Would you like to see Buck become a Spartan and be in Halo 5? Reply below. If you’re not yet a subscriber, then please do so, so you can reply to this an all other blog articles.


HFFL Community night tonight from 8pm-Midnight EST!

Last Friday’s HFFL Community night was a blast. I decided then to have this every week.

hffl for sal

Come and join me and other HFFL folks tonight. Starting at 8 pm tip Midnight EST, we’ll be playing in Halo 4. We’ll start with some customs then move into matchmaking. What playlist we go into will be determined by party size so that none is left behind.

You do not have to be there the whole time. You can show up at first and leave early, show up in the middle and stay for the rest or leave early. However you want to get some gaming time in is fine.

To be a part of the gaming session, message me over XBOX Live starting at 7:45pm EST. Let me know you want an invite to join in the fun. My gamer tag is: HaloFanForLife1.

It’s preferred that you have a mic so as to help with team communication, but not necessary. I look forward to seeing all who turn out tonight!


So you may have noticed I didn’t blog yesterday…with good reason.

There is a good reason why I didn’t blog yesterday. I had intended on blogging the Halo Bulletin. However, it seems this week Bravo is skipping the bulletin in lieu of the E3 announcement.

But that’s not the big reason. I’m taking my own journey of a sorts. Many of you that have been a subscriber for awhile know that I do not shy away from the fact that I’m a big man. Not height, but weight. Well, I’m doing something about that now. Not just a simple diet, nor just exercise either.

My journey actually began a couple of months ago. I read an article on Yahoo about a mother who had her family cut out nearly all processed sugars from their food intake and how that not only improved their health but mental strength as well. I talked with my wife and came up with a plan to do the same or very similar thing. Starting near the end of March I gradually starting cutting processed sugars from my diet, then May 1, I cut nearly all of it out. Instead of processed sugar foods, I replaced them with fruit. Any time I get an urge for a snack, I’m eating an apple or banana or grapes for example. this has already shown a difference as I’ve lost 29 lbs since starting this in March.

Now I’ve taken my next step. On Tuesday, I went to a health seminar on gastric surgery. Now I know some of you may think, ‘well that’s the easy way out’. Believe me folks, it’s not. Ive struggled with my weight for more than 10 years. Now that I’m in my mid 40s, I really need to do something about it. I’ve trie diets. I’ve tried the gym. While partially successful in both regards, I always ended up putting the weight back on. Before I can undergo the gastric surgery, I have to be on a doctor supervised health plan for 5-6 months. Each month reporting in to the doctor with my food intake as well as taking my weight measurement to see it I’m not gaining weight. If I do, that would immediately disqualify me for the surgery.

Just yesterday I was approved to begin this leg of the journey. So over the next several months you may see an occasional post about this. I won’t deluge the blog with them. Just something once a month to show my progress.

Should all go well during this phase, I would have the surgery in December. Just in time for me to chill out with the Halo 5 Guardians BETA!

So getting back to yesterday. While all of the planning I had to do, the excitement of it all and such, I really didn’t have the time to blog. This is a rare occurrence as many of you subscribers know. I’m usually posting at leaf one article a day, many times more than one.

So I invite you to stick with HFFL, even when I might have to take a day off from blogging. You know there is always going to be something I’ll blog about. Be that Halo news, toy reviews, podcasts, fan art, Halo novels, comic books, etc.

I also invite those who haven’t yet subscribed to please do so. It’s FREE to do so. Click on the tab in the menu bar near top for subscribing. As well, please join the HFFL forums. It’s still pretty new at only a few months old. We need your input and ideas. The forums are a great place to do just that.

Wish me well on my personal journey. In the meantime, continue the Halo journey with me here at halofanforlife.com!


Halo 2 campaign still AWESOME!

In honor of the Halo Master Chief Collection as well as the Halo 2 Anniversary portion of it being announced Monday, I decided play Halo 2’s campaign.

Wednesday night starting at roughly 10pm I started my Halo 2 campaign experience again. It had been several years since I had play the campaign and now was the time to celebrate it and relive it again. Thursday morning at just around 5:30am I finished the fight. Along the way I had lots of memories flooding (no pun intended) back to me.
• Fighting in Cairo Station
• Running the streets of New Mombasa
• The Bridge! (Really love that part for the Scorpion)
• Switching between Chief and the Arbiter
• Fighting the Heretic
• Going through all sorts of places in High Charity
• Facing the Flood (heh, no going lie, that got my blood pumping)
• The underwater transport (totally forgot about the fish)
• Attacking the Prophet
• Being the Arbiter and attacking other Covenant, giving Sgt. Johnson cover in a Banshee while he was in the Scarab

I could go on and on. Just SO many memories and still so much fun. I can’t wait to see what the new graphics look like throughout the whole campaign. We got but a taste of them from E3. If I could still enjoy the campaign in it’s original graphics from ten years ago, I’m CERTAIN I’m going to be enthralled by the updated graphics version!