Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Flood Hunters’ UNSC Falcon

MB grey logo
Mega Bloks Flood Hunters’ UNSC Falcon: set #97173

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 20 minutes sort time, 60 minutes build time
Set Piece Count: 460
Minifigs: Covert Ops (Dark Grey) Spartan Mark V [B], Covert Ops (Dark Grey) UNSC Pilot; 2 Flood Carrier forms, 3 Flood Infection forms (chocolate brown)
Weapons: Assault Rifle, SMG
Accessories: N/A
Price: $55-72 depending on where you get it from at retail. I got mine for $51 on eBay. (Thanks to my wife for purchasing it for me.)
Special Features: Cockpit opens/closes; spinning and rotating rotars; front mounted gun pivots and rotates; side mounted guns have multiple pivot points; slight forward landing gear pivot; fits 5 mini figs comfortably

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

MB Flood Hunter Falcon BOX
The front and back of the box. Nice representation of the set on both sides.
MB Flood Hunter Falcon BOX detail
The window for the box lets us know what minifies are included.MB Flood Hunter Falcon contents
Set contents.MB Flood Hunter Falcon sorted
All the pieces sorted out. This took about 20 minutes to do.
MB Flood Hunter Falcon base steps
The first 10 or so steps of the base of the Falcon.MB Flood Hunter Falcon 2nd steps
Many steps ahead the Falcon’s lower half is really taking shape.
MB Flood Hunter Falcon 3rd steps
Side panels are built and attached to the forward section of the Falcon.
MB Flood Hunter Falcon 4th steps wing
We move on to wing assembly.MB Flood Hunter Falcon 5th steps wing
Adding the tail section to the wing section.
MB Flood Hunter Falcon 6th steps body-wing
Now here is the toughest step in the Falcon build (it’s the same for the previous versions as well). The “marrying” of the top and bottom sections can be a little tough. Take your time, don’t try to force them together as you might pop off some pieces. Once you’ve got it lined up correctly, I suggest to start pushing the back section together, then move on to where the wing meets the body near the front. MB Flood Hunter Falcon 7th cockpit
Added the cockpit and some other details. Be careful here too. The prongs on the cockpit that adjoin to the body do not easily snap it. Don’t force this either as you don’t want to break those prongs. Once you’ve got it in place, you should here a satisfying “CLICK”. Then you know it’s in place.
MB Flood Hunter Falcon 8th side-turret
The side mounted gun is a great display of articulation with limited pieces. This was designed VERY well.
MB Flood Hunter Falcon 9th rotars
Adding the rotors to the ship. And it’s done.MB Flood Hunter Falcon weapons
We get an assault rifle and SMG with our UNSC figs.MB Flood Hunter Falcon infection form
Here we have 3 infection forms. Why they are chocolate brown, I do not know. Still, it’s good to have more infection forms.MB Flood Hunter Falcon carrier form
The carrier form. I still think the shape is funny. It should be a little more pointed at the top. That cut in the top is a little too big, IMO. I suppose it was done that way though for ease of getting infections forms in and out of it.
MB Flood Hunter Falcon Pilot
The UNSC Pilot included. Man, I just LOVE this dark grey color scheme!MB Flood Hunter Falcon Spartan
The Spartan included. Definitely one of the better painted figures as of late. The detailing on the back is awesome!
MB Flood Hunter Falcon leftovers
Here are the leftovers. I couldn’t really make anything significant out of them. So I’m calling this a refueling cart.MB Flood Hunter Falcon gunner
Here we see the Spartan in one of the side gunner positions. His hand is clipped on to the handle, while the seat has a nub that fits nicely into the figs back. This makes for a good fit and the figure won’t fall out of the ship.
MB Flood Hunter Falcon FIN
Here is the completed set with figs and the leftovers. One thing to note, I actually put more of the stickers on this time. This Falcon just looks SO much better with the stickers on them.

Summary: This set is a moderate build. It can easily be built in one sitting if you’ve got about an hour to an hour and a half. The set has nice amount of minifigures with the set, including the infection forms. If you haven’t bought a Falcon yet, I HIGHLY recommend this one!

Overall Rating: I give this set 9.5 out for 10 medals. This is a nice color variant of the Falcon. I’m a fan of the Covert Ops dark grey color. The reason I took off the scant 1/2 of a medal is for the brown color of the infection forms and the price. Otherwise, this set is STELLAR!

The price for this set is a little high, given the piece count. It’s hard to find in stores now, so you’re likely going to have to find it on eBay. I lucked out and won this from an auction there for $51. You’ll be just as lucky if you can find it for that price. Most are going for $75-80 now. ToysRUs had this priced at $72. That is WAY too much, IMO. Other locations had it for $55. Not too bad, but still about $7 more than it should have been.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the review. If you have this set yourself, please give me your thoughts on it too!