Halo Concept Art: Reach UNSC Vehicles/Ships

Today marks the first of many articles to come on the concept art of Halo Reach and Halo 4. Today, I’ll be posting pics of and talking about the vehicles and ships of Halo Reach. Enjoy! (As always, click pics to make BIGGER)

First up is a curiosity. It’s a UNSC boat. To date, we’ve not had a dedicated watercraft, for battling with.

Here are some concepts of what the boat might have looked like. I like the top and bottom ones of this pic.haloreach_vehicles_unsc_boat_01_by_isaac_hannafordAbove we see a much more finished version of the UNSC boat. It definitely reminds me of the Warthog. You could say it would have been the Warthog of the seas!  I would have absolutely loved to have seen this in the game. I wonder if this would have also led to a Covenant style watercraft? Imagine battles over water!! Missed opportunity.

The pic below shows a concept of a Pelican redesign. It looks sleeker than the original. Problem is, it looks MORE advanced than the original, which comes chronologically AFTER this design. Strangely enough, I see the Broadsword from Halo 4 in this concept. Hmmm…. haloreach_vehicles_unsc_early_pelican_redesign_by_isaac_hannaford

Now we come to a nice series of concepts for the Falcon. Undeniably, the best new addition to the UNSC’s arsenal of air ships.

The sketches above give us a nice array of potential designs for the Falcon.

In the series of pics below we see what looks to be the final or near final design of the Falcon that would be put into the game.

haloreach_vehicles_unsc_falcon_05_by_isaac_hannafordThis is a fantastic design. Though honestly, this looks like something that could exist today. (And I’d love to see that happen!) More shots below of the near-finished design.

That last pic gives us a great view of the inside troop area of the Falcon. Many times, I’ve gone into theater and taken shots of this awesome craft!

Now let’s take a look at the Sabre.

haloreach_vehicles_unsc_sabre_concept_01An early draft of the Sabre looks similar to the SR-71 (below).
Perhaps that’s why that idea was canned, in favor of something more original. Still, this would have been a fun ship to pilot.

haloreach_vehicles_unsc_sabre_concept_02More sketches above show the Sabre getting closer to the in-game model. I like both of the ones on the left. I suppose because they are colored in. However, the design is great and again, close to the in-game model.

haloreach_vehicles_unsc_sabre_design_01_by_isaac_hannafordNow we come to the near finished concept for the in-game Sabre. This design is VERY sleek. It just looks like it’s going to be FAST.

More shots and detail of the Sabre below.
I definitely think Bungie got this design right. It feels like a natural progression to me from current military craft to what could be in space, in the future.

haloreach_vehicles_unsc_scorpion_by_isaac_hannafordAbove we see a concept for the Scorpion. I wish this was on the battlefield today! I think I know another person that would have loved to have operated this. Right PensHalo?!

Finally, we come to a concept for a troop Warthog.haloreach_vehicles_unsc_troop_hog_by_isaac_hannafordRemoving the gun mount and adding a simple roll bar definitely gives this Warthog a different vibe. Personally, I’d still would rather be in a gun mounted Warthog. But on base, when things are quiet, this would still be fun to drive around in.

One thing I can say about Bungie’s concept art is consistency. Everything looks like it would belong in the Halo-verse. The concepts are well thought out and rendered.

So did you see any concepts you hadn’t seen before? Like the article? Please reply below. I want to read your comments on this.

Tomorrow we’ll look at concepts for civilian and Covenant vehicles/ships of Halo Reach.