Happy to announce the 2nd Annual HFFL LAN Event!

HFFL 2014 LAN logo

This year, I’m going to do something different than last year. I’m having this at my home and it will be 8 hours of gaming and more!

Mark your calendars for August 16 (Saturday). As for the time, I’m going to ask you folks to pick between 1-9pm or 2-10pm that day. Please only reply if you plan on coming to the event.

There will be a FFA and Doubles tourney. Possibly 4v4 if we have enough attend. Prizes TBD.

This is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I’ll have much more details to follow. I’ve got to secure prizes, the time as mentioned above, some logistics for additional XBOXs and screens.

Now here is where I need your help folks. Unlike last year, which was held at a LAN center, I’ll be hiring the same fellow, but instead of going there, have him come to my home. This is more expensive than last year. However, also as mentioned above, it’s going to be 8 instead of 3 hours. I was able to keep the cost pretty low with admission being $15. However, this year I need to raise funds due to the added expense. Otherwise it’s going to cost $35 per person, and I’d like to avoid that high of a cost to each, if possible. So even if you don’t plan on coming, I’d really appreciate it if you’d consider donating to the blog, via the paypal link on the main page.

Here’s the good thing about that, if everyone who came to the site in just ONE day of the 365 days in a year donated 50 cents, I’ve have enough to cover the LAN and the blog’s renewal. I hope that you find my blog is worth at least that much in entertaining Halo articles, news, art, reviews, the Spirit of Fire Podcast and so on. From now until Aug 1st, or if I raise enough sooner, I’ll be holding the fundraiser for this and on occasion post a gentle reminder. This isn’t mandatory. I’ll never ask for “dues”. My site is free to all.

If enough is raised to cover the cost of the LAN, then it’s free to come to. If not, then whatever the difference is will be split between all LAN Attendees.

Food and Refreshments will be available as part of your admission. Food will be the good old American classic summer foods: Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. PLUS, I may just make a special dish…

If you want to bring someone that won’t be gaming, that is fine. There will be a small charge for refreshments to them. That TBD by the amount of attendees.

Bookmark the Event page HERE! I’ll be updating that page with more details as I get them.



“Do you believe that the Master Chief succeeded because at his core he was broken?”

This topic came up from a tweet by RedditHalo.

I’ve been in conversations about this question from the early cut-scene in Halo 4. I do NOT consider Chief broken. Socially inept? Yes, has trouble dealing with emotions? Sure. But broken? NO WAY IN HELL.

No, he was FOCUSED. Just because he isn’t able to adapt to social settings or deal with love so well, does not make him broken. His focus aided by his luck, not to mention the biological and surgical upgrades; as well as years of training and real-time combat are what made him succeed. Chief is SO much more than his emotions or lack there of.

Chief was able to socialize to a point with his fellow Spartan IIs. Their type of socialization became separated from society as they grew, trained and fought together. They were more family than anything, except perhaps being loyal soldiers. They were picked due to their physical attributes and skills as well as their mental capabilities. They were not broken. They were the best humanity had to offer and Chief is one of the last living examples of that, within the Halo Universe.

Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know your thoughts either way. This is a topic I’d like to hear more people discuss. That question of Chief being broken possibly foretells of things to come. It certainly has a foreboding tone to it.