Halo Concept Art: Reach Civilians and UNSC Marines

Today we’re going to take a look at concepts of the Marines of the UNSC in Reach. As well, a couple of civilian pieces and several of Dr. Catherine Halsey.

haloreach_character_civilian_civilian_by_isaac_hannafordI like this. I’m curious why it wasn’t put into the game. Consider though that the subject seems to be wearing winter clothes. Most of the game takes place in warmer climates. That’s where nearly all of the civvies in the game are located. So I suppose that’s why these weren’t included. It does remind me of something out of Mass Effect. That’s not a bad thing either.

Here are several concepts of Halsey. Many I’ve seen before, but perhaps you haven’t.
I like the first and second. With exception to the hairstyles of 3 and 4, those are good too. The third just makes Halsey look like a grandmother, IMO. The fourth is similarly grandmother-like.

haloreach_character_civilian_halsey_02_by_isaac_hannafordI definitely like these designs. Though the clothing seems to be weighing her down. My favorite of these is the middle. I like the color red. One thing to make note of is that the first has some differences to the second and third. Not just in color. There isn’t a hood and there IS chest/shoulder armor. The outfit is a onesie and it even has knee armor. I think while cool looking, it wasn’t appropriate for Halsey. So good choice by Bungie not to include that one.

haloreach_character_civilian_halsey_03_by_isaac_hannafordThese four are much closer to the in-game version. Tamped down are the heavier clothing. Much more sea foam green, which represents medical scrubs. I like the first one as her casual wear. But then, we don’t have time in the game for Halsey to be casual, do we?

This one appears to be a blown up version of the fourth version of the previous pic. What I like about this is the level of detail, yet it has simplicity in it’s shading. This definitely looks like a viable option for today’s arctic medical officer, let alone one 550+ years from now.

I’m a bit torn on the above piece. Her face strangely has youth AND age mixed in with it. While the hair is grey, it has a youthful style to it. Ultimately, the final version of Halsey was a good look and I think age appropriate.

Lastly for the civilian pieces we have this number. I love the art style of this. Looks like a quick sketch while clearly covering all of the basics. It also reminds me of the ’80s for some reason…I think it’s the hair and the sunglasses. LOL

Next up are UNSC Marines.
Above we see a UNSC Pilot. This sketch is more refined than the last of the civvies sketches above. I like it a lot. The near shoulder bands almost give it a feeling of a pressure suit. That’s helpful of course when flying into space, though the boots would present a problem. What’s up with that symbol on the chest? I may have to research that a little.

haloreach_character_unsc_marines_marine_01_by_isaac_hannafordHere we see what a difference color can make. Clearly the marine on the left is for dry/desert climates while to right is more everyday/jungle/forest wear. The detailing on these, even for being sketches, is quite impressive. I wish that desert look was in the game. I’d LOVE to have an original line art version of this with no color, so that I could try doe color combinations myself. 

haloreach_character_unsc_marines_marine_02_by_isaac_hannafordAnother side by side concept shows us what I’m calling a “night ops” version next to a blend of jungle/desert wear. Either or both would have been very welcome in the game. I like a bit of diversity or scenario themed uniforms. It makes me feel like your more in the action.

When I was in the Navy and in the Gulf War, my base didn’t have desert camo. Instead we had the regular jungle camo. I think we really looked out of place.

Another piece similar to one above. This is a good mix of tans and greens to give an earthy tone to the overall design.

At first, this uniform may seem a bit bland in comparison to those above. But for some reason, I get more of a feeling of power from this design than the others. Part of that could be the ODST-like chest armor.

This ruddy brown uniform is okay, but not as exciting as the ones above. One thing that really turns me away form it is that sharp angled cod-piece. Ouch if you get that snagged in the wrong place. Am I right?

The next four are ones you’ve likely seen before. They are closer to the in-game versions.haloreach_character_unsc_marines_marine_06_by_isaac_hannaford

And finally we have a concept of Colonel Holland.
The left side is what I’d like to have seen in the game, while the right side makes him look old and weary. Of course that’s very believable as well, given the decades long war with the covenant. I do like that attention was placed on the head, without worry of the rest of him. For Holland, his face is the most important aspect of his character, not the uniform.

Tomorrow I share some Covenant character concept art from Reach, with Noble team on Monday. Then we’ll switch to Halo 4’s characters starting on Tuesday.

I hope you’re enjoying these concepts articles as much as I like writing them. Let me know below by replying!