Halo Concept Art: Halo Reach Environments Part 1 of 3

Today, we explore some of the environments of Reach. As I have nearly 40 concepts to show, I’ve decided to split this up into 3 articles. There is a good mix of campaign and multiplayer environments awaiting! As always click on them to make them MUCH bigger.

Let’s get right to it!


Anchor 9 seen in the campaign mission, “Long Night of Solace.” I know I keep using many of the same words when describing these concepts. The point is, it’s true. Detail is KING is the above concept. There is so much visually to take in with this concept that if you’re looking at it for less than 30 seconds, you’re doing an injustice to yourself. The design, texture, shading, scale and perspective brought together to make this a true work of art.

haloreach_environment_boneyard_by_isaac_hannafordhaloreach_environment_boneyard_undership_by_isaac_hannafordThe campaign and invasion map, “Boneyard” is one of the biggest maps we’ve had in Halo to date. The map itself was somewhat under utilized. As the campaign level, I found myself sticking more to the left (open-cliff side) of the map. As the Invasion map, it was mostly the middle and base side of the map being used. However, there is a LOT more to it. The concepts above show us work areas in varying states of use. The one showing the larger area of the map gives us the overall sense of grandeur that the map has within, while the close-up pic gives us a glimpse of the minute detail Bungie put into it. Both are well done with contrasting highlights and shadows.

haloreach_environment_defiant_concept_2The two concepts above are a couple of my more favorite ones from Reach.  So rich in color and texture. Of note, we see that the map originally did NOT have a center floor to it (top pic). This is why that area had low gravity to it. The low gravity remained, while a floor was put in. The bottom pic of the two is just chock full of detail. The space changed very little in it’s base design from what we got in the final, other than adding a partially disassembled Sabre in it. I had LOTS of fun on this map and hope this kind of map returns in Halo 5 Guardians. 

haloreach_environment_defiant_concept_3Glassing at it’s worst. We see first-hand the devastation by the Covenant via the glassing ports of their starships. This is something I wish we would have seen up close, rather than from afar. It certainly had the potential to have us be more emotionally involved in the story. We did get some of this during the campaign, just not enough, IMO. As for the art, striking color contrast between the red/browns and purple make for a very visually compelling rendering. While it’s horrific in the act, there is a strange sense of beauty to the art itself.

haloreach_environment_defiant_concept_4Let this concept sink in for a minute. Do you know where it is? Hint, it’s NOT in the campaign, though it could have been. It’s a part of the Spartan training area on the multiplayer map “Highlands.” What I like about this piece is the mix of natural and man-made elements. The mesh together quite nicely. The overgrowth and damage to the facility adds a whole other level of realism to it. I was happy to have this map in matchmaking. Though, I think I might have preferred this version, versus the cleaner version we got.


haloreach_environment_defiant_concept_6Here we have the largest of the Firefight maps for Reach. Unearthed. This industrial mining yard was expansive. I wish Bungie would have map it a multiplayer map as well. The concepts great. The top one being very believable as an actual place. The bottom shows us part of the map that’s out of bounds. Simple in texture, the art still clearly states the size of the map. BTW, it IS possible to get outside of the playable area and see the rest of the map. Has to be done through theater though. If I had a capture device, I’d be able to show you. Hopefully one day, I’ll have that. I’ve wanted to make SO many videos, not just of reach, but Halo 4 as well.

haloreach_environment_environment_concept_01_by_ryan_demitaHere we are at the beginning of the mission, “Tip of the Spear.” This concept is gritty in design and very earthy in texture and color. Note that quick shading techniques were used here to convey shape and size. BTW, did you know that in part of the cut scene for this, you can hear the infamous “Wilhelm” scream? It’s when thee warthog following you, with marines in it, doesn’t make the jump. One of them makes that scream. It’s a great homage to theater of old.

haloreach_environment_environment_concept_02So where is THIS dark place? Could it be the base where we stave off several waves of Covies? The one where we along with Jorge go inside and secure the base and wipe out several Elites at the end of the mission? Whether it is or not, I would have LOVED to have played on this map. I like dark maps in the campaign. It adds suspense. The art above clearly shows that as dusk is giving way to night. 

haloreach_environment_environment_concept_04For the last image in part 1, we have the destruction of the UNSC Navy in space orbiting the planet Reach. When we first saw similar images of this prior to the release of the game, via trailers, we were left to wonder about the Spartan’s voice we heard. In the meantime, we saw the effects of planet-wide devastation at the hands of the Covenant.

Remember Reach!

Tomorrow, we’ll continue with more environments of Reach. After the third part, we’ll switch to environments of Halo 4.

I know I ask this, which means I’m sincere about wanting to know, are you enjoying these concept articles? Anything about them you don’t like? Let me know. Your opinion may help me decide how I write these in the future.

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Halo 5 Campaign/Multiplayer leaked??? Take with a HUGE grain of salt!

This has not been confirmed (or denied) by 343. So please take this with a huge grain of salt. The supposed insider has said they have played H5’s campaign and multiplayer.

If what they write is to be believe, then 343 is throwing everything but the kitchen sink into Halo 5.

Read on, potential spoilers. Again, THIS HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED. So do not take it as truth.

Click on each part to make BIGGER.


Source Link

Please folks, do NOT tout this as fact. Even Frank O’Conner himself is a bit POed at this “leak”. Does that mean it’s real? Until/unless 343 states it is or isn’t, take it as something fan made and NOT to be taken seriously.



I made a guest appearance on Podcast HD.


Last night, 5/20/14, I made a guest appearance on a new podcast called Podcast HD. This is for the site HDDispatch.net. Their site is about Halo and Destiny. I was asked to join them in discussions about “The Master Chief Collection” as well as Halo 5 Guardians, with theories abounding.

Take a listen.


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It was nice to sit back and hear others as excited about Halo as I am, without me having to direct the podcast.

Thanks to “Fantastic Jackie” for the invite to join them for the cast.