New Halo Pinterest pins!!! 5-2-14

Every so-often I check out Pinterest to see if there are Halo pins that I haven’t seen yet. Then I add those to the HFFL Pinterest page.

Here are the ones I found today (click on each to make bigger!):

Master Chief PencilMaster Chief Halo WarsRed Fem-SpartanSteel Fem-SpartanBlue Fem-SpartanGungnir Fem-SpartanODSTs forestMC vs Scarab-oldCovie alphabetPurple vs BruteODST vs ChieftanODST Echoes In The GraveKelly-Fred ActorsHelljumpers art

You can see these and MUCH more at the HFFL Pinterest page HERE.

Do you like any of these pins? If so which ones?